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Will AI Replace Copywriters And Content Writers?

Will AI Replace Copywriters And Content Writers?

Ever since technology such as Artificial intelligence known as AI and machine learning have been introduced, they are believed to take over 85 million jobs by the time we reach 2025. There is no question that artificial intelligence will influence authors and writers of all sorts, yet the genuine question that one might pose is: will they also replace content writers and copywriters? 

After seeing this discourse, the team at Digitibitz started doing intense research to answer this question once and for all. 

Many think artificial intelligence is a danger to content makers and content creators, while others think it’s the best thing ever. The viewpoint could change depending upon your job.

If you are curious to know more read the article below as it gets into all the nitty-gritty of artificial intelligence and content creation.

For various writers copywriting tools is similar to how prey might see its predator. While the world loves it, it would be a terrible thing for content writers.

For affiliate advertisers hoping to produce a high volume of content consistently, it very well may be a blessing from heaven. Simultaneously, it very well may be frightening for a content creator who loves the way of writing unique substance and considers the tech to be a danger to their business. all of their concerns are hundred percent valid as well.

So let’s get into it. 

What Really is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence is essentially the ability to recreate human intelligence by utilizing machines. An innovation that bridges the machining gap by easily delineating and impersonating cognitive errands like learning and critical thinking. As such, Artificial Intelligence tries to comprehend people’s thought processes rather than simply following orders.

Will AI Take Over Copywriters and Content Writers?

Now let’s get into the big question. You should take a deep breath as it won’t replace copywriters. While AI can aid you, it will not replace a copywriter on the ground that it is unable to comprehend empathy and emotions, the two things that are much needed for good copy.

Now if we look into content writers, there might be some who AI writing tools will replace. Artificial intelligence tools can make general content that doesn’t need unique exploration. 

AI-powered copywriting is essentially content generated by a machine. Therefore, it is highly unlikely that they will replace millions of copywriters that are not only talented but also highly creative.

If you are wondering why that is so, let’s get into some reasons below.

AI Lacks Authenticity

Various writing robots, for example, Writesonic aren’t equipped for making original content, despite the fact that you can choose a custom manner of speaking to put together good content. As helpful as it might appear to get content distributed onto your site, artificial intelligence can’t use anecdotes or use human emotions, this is precisely what copywriting is about.

Tweaking a couple of details here and there isn’t certainly equal to writing something entirely on your own. Conventional content isn’t what aids copywriting in selling an item, it’s the manner by which you are able to connect on a more profound level to the potential purchaser that prompts a buy.

For instance, copywriting can be used to talk about an ideal vacation spot. AI can only combine various ideas from here and there, but would not be able to give you deeper reasons to take this vacation. However, a copywriter will! They will make it humorous, and playful so that readers stay engrossed.

AI Does Not Have Content Marketing

Certainly not like traditional marketing, it essentially makes free and reliable content that follows up on its own to advertise a product, company, or brand. This could incorporate making YouTube shorts, composing an ebook, coming up with free courses, or simply just blogging daily. Things like this need a human working on them as the reader will constantly look for a reliable source.

Artificial intelligence Doesn’t Grasp Feelings

This is as simple as it sounds, Artificial intelligence doesn’t really understand what matters to people. Also, to make a convincing copy, you really want to engage feelings. Your writings cannot only rely on facts and figures. It needs to draw in readers on a more profound level. Therefore, AI can never reach that level.

Artificial Intelligence Has a Hard Time Understanding Methodology

It doesn’t comprehend business goals or how one can accomplish them. Furthermore, AI doesn’t have any idea where the reader is in the buyer’s journey. Two things which are extremely crucial. Now despite being able to produce good content, if it isn’t suitable for the target audience, it is a waste of time and money. For instance, in order to shift the client from awareness to action, the content writer ought to shape their message according to it.

AI is Unable to Check Facts

No measure of AI can ever replace the fact-checking, researching, and crowdsourcing that incredible writing has. It can only allude to the articles that other human writers have done. Additionally, AI is famous for making things up. Therefore, if you do not want to get into problems by conveying incorrect information, hiring a human content writer and copywriter is the way to go.

Artificial intelligence doesn’t have sympathy.

Despite the fact that AI is getting way ahead of people in numerous areas, it can’t ever replace specific characteristics. For example, it can’t mimic human-driven characteristics like sympathy, value, and culture. Regardless of having lots of handling power, it doesn’t have any idea how to connect with people. This is something highly crucial when it comes to writing.


While there are many uncertainties with AI and what its future will hold, one thing which will remain its place is content writers and copywriters. The article above highlights all the crucial reasons why they are practically irreplaceable as writing is nothing without a human element to it.

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