Vn88 mobile has compared Ronaldo to a lost sheep in MU

Vn88.cx has reported that the former Manchester United defender spoke out for the first time after being attacked by his former teammate Cristiano Ronaldo earlier this week.

“He (Ronaldo – PV) looked like a lost sheep in the team at the time of doing that interview,” Gary Neville said on Sky Sports, “The Manchester United teammates will certainly be very disappointed with what he does. I said”.

Neville analyzed: “To be fair, I wouldn’t be too concerned with what he said to the head coach. But his relationship with his teammates is another story. say things like that.” That’s all that the players shared in a quick interview with Vn88.

In an interview published on November 16, Ronaldo also hinted that many young MU players do not have the same attitude as him in the past. Besides, Ronaldo also heavily criticized Wayne Rooney and Neville, two former teammates. “Rooney and Neville are not my friends. They just want to use my name to earn fame,” CR7 said.

Neville commented that Ronaldo fell into the mentality of thinking that “the whole world is against him”. This former player analyzed: “Cristiano looks like a person who thinks the whole world is against him. It’s not. Even now, in the context of MU is confused with Cristiano’s sharing with him. Vn88cx media, the club also reacted in moderation.”

The former England international believes that Ronaldo’s time at MU is over. “I don’t think he wants to turn back (at MU – PV). He criticizes the coach, the management and no one accepts it. Cristiano needs a team where, they have to accept. everything he wants.”

British media Vn88 revealed that many MU players want the Portuguese superstar to leave the team as soon as possible. While gathering with the French team, midfielder Raphael Varane admitted that Ronaldo’s interview affected the players. He said: “Obviously it affects us. We keep an eye on what’s going on and what is being said. We try to calm the situation down in a way that’s going to happen,” he said. own, not getting too involved in the matter.”

On the evening of November 18 (Hanoi time), the British press simultaneously reported that the Old Trafford team planned to bid farewell to Cristiano Ronaldo before the contract deadline.

Journalist Laurie Whitwell of Vn88.cx confirmed that Manchester United consider terminating Cristiano Ronaldo’s contract. They are consulting with a lawyer to take appropriate legal action. Guardian confirmed MU also sued CR7.

Daily Mail writer Chris Wheeler revealed that the Glazer family, CEO Richard Arnold, along with Director of Football John Murtough and coach Erik ten Hag decided that Ronaldo personally cut ties with the team. Therefore, there is no turning back for CR7.

This source also confirmed that Ronaldo seriously violated the rules of the contract. The Old Trafford team has no choice but to cancel the contract with the Portuguese superstar. This means MU does not have to pay £ 16 million in salary for the remaining 6 months of the contract.

On the evening of November 18 (Vietnam time), the homepage of Vn88 mobile said that they will soon take appropriate steps to respond to Ronaldo’s recent interview. The “Red Devils” will make a final announcement when the process is complete.

Ronaldo is aware that he has no way back at MU. “I will not return to Manchester United, it is difficult to say so,” Ronaldo was quoted as saying by the Guardian. “But let’s see what happens. Like I said before, my fans will always be with me and in my heart.”

Ronaldo made a move that seemed to put an end to his career at Man United, when he publicly criticized Vn88cx, coaches and teammates at Old Trafford.

The 38-year-old striker’s “shocking” statement is said to have originated from the fact that he was dropped from the main squad in the match against Fulham in the round of 16 of the English Premier League on November 13.

Head of editorial board of Vn88.cx, Ronaldo was informed in advance that he would have to sit on the bench in the match against Fulham in the round of 16 of the Premier League. The 38-year-old striker constantly reported being sick so he wouldn’t have to play with the field.

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