Top Hotels In Costa Rica For A Great Escape To Nature

If you are looking for an escape to unspoiled nature, Santa Teresa can be a suitable place. Indeed, Santa Teresa offers nature in a bouquet, but only if you stay in a suitable hotel. A hotel situated on the mountain, confronted by the deep blue sea in front and covered by the lush green forest in the background can certainly be a cherished place to spend your days in Santa Teresa. There arluxury boutique hotels Costa Rica that offer such surroundings. The surroundings of these hotels offer a canopy of green all around and the sea in front. You can wake up to the chirping of birds in the morning, with the sound of the waves crashing at night onto the shore can give you a sense of living amid nature. 

Suits In Luxury Hotels

These luxury hotels are not just known for their ambiance; they are also known for their rooms. They offer signature suites and a la carte breakfast. Most of these are located in the heart of Santa Teresa on a mountain and offer a breathtaking view. You can get panoramic ocean views, bathe in the beauty of the luscious forest surroundings and experience an abundance of wildlife. You can feel the happiness and comfort of seclusion and privacy. 

Place For Adventure &Relaxing Escape

While staying in these luxury hotels, you may develop an urge to explore nature, and as you do that you can get an abundance of nature within walking distance. Most of these luxury boutique hotels Costa Rica are just minutes from pristine surfing beaches, the abode of chirping birds and other wildlife, and also soothing tide pools. This is a place for you irrespective of whether you want to have a relaxed vacation to nature or you are trying to awaken your adventurous spirit and explore nature in all its glory.


If you think that such luxury hotels set amidst nature don’t offer much in terms of amenities, you are wrong. Indeed, you can get a world of amenities in these luxury boutique hotels Costa Rica. They offer charming cafes and yoga studios so that you can top up the jaw-dropping sunsets, the lush green forest, and the waves of the sea while sipping coffee or doing meditation in a perfect setting.


Needless to say, the modern lifestyle has encapsulated our spirit within the confines of the workplace and residence. You need time and scope to let your spirit fly to distant places. This can give you much-needed break and renew your vigor. Just make sure that you are choosing the right place and hotel. A hotel situated on the mountain, confronted by the unfathomable blue sea and surrounded by lush green forest can certainly be the place for a great escape. 

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