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Hospitality has emerged as a key industry in the Indian subcontinent and after the on-and-off scenario caused in the global hospitality industry due to the COVID-19 pandemic, finally, all hotels, and restaurants have opened up full-fledged, with 100% staff and occupancy both. The hospitality industry is bound to take over once more, all set to be bigger and better.

Luxury dining is a part of the luxurious ambiance and stays that the hotels in North Bengal provide to their occupants. Fine dining at the restaurants, accompanied by lounge bars is a service that is available for all guests in the best hotels in Siliguri and North Eastern regions of Bengal.

The flavors of life can be found in the delectable cuisines and delicious dishes that are available in these restaurants, be they international or local dishes. These restaurants specialize in multiple plethoras of dishes that are available and they aim to satisfy the foodie that is inherent within in each of their guests.

There are multiple courses that are available for guests in these fine dining restaurants. Starting from a basic three-course meal, these meals can extend up to grand and lavish 12-course meals. These meals comprise dishes from different parts of the country and even international dishes. Therefore, these meals can be considered to be an amalgamation of different cultures all brought together for a single meal that is offered to the guests.

The basic three-course meal consists of an appetizer, a main course, and finally a dessert. As the number of courses increases, there is an inclusion of soup, salad, cocktails, palate cleansers which include sorbet, pickle, and banana slices among others, and the second variation of bite-sized desserts.

There are also adjoining bars and pubs available here that aim to satisfy their visitors with an entertaining ambiance, great music, and seating arrangements. You can socialize with other guests in these bars and pubs after a hard day of work during the evening time. These areas also hold the choices of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks that are available and you can entertain yourself with a variety of drinks that are available at hand. The bartender is there to cater to all of your needs here.

A complete luxury dining experience requires wholehearted efforts from all of the departments working in conjunction in order to be a complete success. The decor needs to be classy, yet not over the top. Each and every dish needs to be refined and palatable. Simply having a signature dish cannot leave a mark in the guest’s mind these days. They need a completely curated list of dishes of varied geographical origins. Above-average cooking techniques are needed as well, hence expert cooks are needed. Besides these, the presentation matters a lot and the guests need intuitively personalized services to cater to their needs – food that suits their palette, food that enthralls them on one level or the other. Impeccable service, staff, and ambiance are what keep the best hotels in Siliguri on top of their game.

A luxurious dining and staying experience require a lot of contribution from each and every human resource that is involved in the hospitality sector. Therefore, it’s teamwork that is required in order to make the hotels run successfully so that guests come back here every time they visit!

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