Ranking the 20 Best Football Teams in the World

In this ranking, we’ve put together a list of the top 20 football teams in the world. From Manchester City to Germany, Brazil, and Italy, we’ve analyzed their stats and tried to put them into perspective. Which team would you rank at the top of this list? What do you think of their current and past performances?

Manchester City

Manchester City ranks among the top 20 football teams in the world according to the Soccer Power Index. The index ranks the world’s top football teams according to their offensive and defensive ratings. Last season, Manchester City won the League Cup and reached the Champions League final. The list was compiled by FiveThirtyEight, a website that ranks football teams based on their overall performance. The list is based on goals scored, adjusted goals, non-shot expected goals and defensive rating.

Manchester City has won the Premier League, the EFL Cup and the FA Cup. They have also won two European Cups. In addition to that, they have won 19 League titles, second only to Manchester United (which won 20 Premier League championships from 1889 to 2020). Bayern Munich has dominated the Bundesliga and the Champions League, winning nine straight titles and five German Cups. They also boast world-class striker Robert Lewandowski, who scored 41 league goals last season.

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Germany is one of the best football nations in the world, and it has always been able to attract the best players from around the world. Its Bundesliga teams attract a large following, averaging 81,178 fans per game. Their home stadium, Signal Iduna Park, is home to one of the world’s largest terraces, and its South Stand has a capacity of nearly 25,000 spectators. Germany has always been known for its attacking talent, with teams such as Bayern and Dortmund dominating their top-flight league.

Bayern Munich has won the Bundesliga and DFB-Pokal this season, while Liverpool has won its first league title in 30 years. The team also won the Champions League. The team’s attacking performance has been the best in Europe, with players such as Mario Götze making it look easy.

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The major clubs in Brazil have traditionally competed in state leagues. Until 1959, there were no national tournaments, and competition between teams from different states was relatively sparse. In recent years, competition has increased, though. The Torneio Rio-Sao Paulo was held irregularly from 1993 to 2002, and some major Brazilian clubs have earned a reputation for dominance within their own borders.

The Brazilian soccer market has changed dramatically over the last 16 years. While Sao Paulo and International dominated the market for many years, newcomers such as Palmeiras and Flamengo have increased their market share. Flamengo has seen the largest increase in revenue since 2014, and is expected to earn over R$ 830 million this year. The team has also become increasingly competitive, and is expected to continue to rise in the coming years.


Argentina is the home of one of the world’s most successful football teams. The country’s top team, River Plate, plays in a stylish stadium called El Monumental in the upmarket Nunez district. It has been a successful team over the past decade, but in recent years has suffered a series of disappointments. team almost disbanded in La Boca and is now based in the upmarket Nunez. team is wealthy but lacks personality.

team is a popular choice among fans. Boca Juniors have more fans than any other team in the country. The club was originally founded by Italian immigrants in the working-class neighborhood of La Boca. Since then, it has never moved from its original home ground. In addition, Boca Juniors have acquired distinctive blue and gold colours that have made them a popular choice of fans. This is a testament to their popularity, and they have also won the World Cup four times.


In 2002, England had slipped from the top of the world to ninth place. It had ranked in the top ten for the previous three years, but lost three places in the European Championship following its elimination from the group stage. Since then, England has maintained its position among the top 20.

In 2004, England had dropped four places to tenth place. This was due to the fact that it had not played in May. The following month, England slipped from the top ten to twelve, after a 1-0 loss to Japan in the FA Summer Tournament. Then, in August, England won a home friendly against Ukraine, climbing to seventh place.

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