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If you’re in search of an exciting and engaging io game to play, take a look at lolbeans.io unblocked. Inspired by Fall Guys and Stumble Guys, players compete to reach the finish line first by using WASD or arrow keys; space can be used to jump.


LolBeans is unlike many other multiplayer games in that it is played online against random players rather than being team-oriented. To win at LOL Beans it is essential to plan ahead and stay motivated; and prior to going live it would also be beneficial to practice before going all-in in real time.

The game’s controls are straightforward and simple to learn, using only left and right arrow keys to move your character left and right and space bar for jumping. Earn coins to unlock 10 new character skins including Ice Cream, Mafia, Ninjas, Astronauts and Gift.

LOL Beans is an entertaining io game that can be enjoyed by players of all ages. Children may learn more about colors, numbers and shapes while adults may use it to relieve boredom or stress. Play it alone or join forces with friends for even more enjoyment! Additionally, download it from iTunes on iPhone/iPad for uninterrupted gameplay on those busy workdays – because this unblocked game!


LOL Beans is a multiplayer racing game inspired by Fall Guys, Stumble Guys and similar titles, where players must race across a map in an effort to be the first one across and reach the finish line first. Free to play with friends online. Before beginning their game, players can give their character a name and change its color before selecting their controls – such as using arrow keys to move, jump using space bar etc – which are customizable so as to provide maximum comfort while playing. Additionally, the game offers various maps that challenge players in various ways – Takehi’s Castle, It’s a Knockout, Ninja Warrior are just a few examples – to test players against. Furthermore, co-op mode provides another dimension where competitors can compete against one another or work together in teams.


LOL Beans is a wide-ranging puzzle game, each level offering a distinct set of obstacles and challenges for players to navigate through in order to win the championship game. Any time a round doesn’t finish in time, that player is eliminated – making this an engaging way for kids aged 3-5 to learn colors, numbers, and shapes while having fun! This game was designed for all ages but particularly beneficial for young minds aged 3-6 who will learn more interesting facts through this fun experience!

Similar to Fall Guys and Stumble Guys io games, LOL Beans is simple and free to download – perfect for use on any device with internet connectivity. In addition to single player mode, this io game also provides multiplayer and cooperative play as well as mini games – making it a hit among school and home players alike! With such endless options at your disposal, it has quickly become one of the most-played titles out there!


Lolbeans Io Unblocked will allow you to collect many different coins that will allow you to unlock various skins. There are multiple game modes – multiplayer, co-op and mini games; as well as solo mode for story playthrough; race against other players in multiplayer racing mode and compete in final match championship for championship victory! It is designed for all ages to participate, however children aged 3 – 5 may benefit most by learning colors, numbers and shapes while having fun collecting beans lol… hehe.

Choose from an assortment of skins.

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