5 Noteworthy HTML5 Trends To Watch Out For In 2023


HTML5 offers a slew of benefits and advanced features, making it a perfect contender to become the technology of future. Read here why HTML5 will trend in 2023.

Since the advent of the IT era, HTML has been a popular name in the web domain. A markup language, it is used to define the structure of various online documents, particularly web pages. Its latest version HTML5 has evolved the website development, facilitating a reliable, easier and user-friendly way of developing websites. Considering the powerful features, it offers for both developers and users, it has already become a popular choice to code robust websites around the globe. According to stats by W3Techs, “HTML5 is used by 75.6% of all the websites” hinting at the widespread acknowledgment of the markup language.

Developers are fully utilizing HTML5 and the host of features it offers over the previous versions. A major upgrade, it provides a wholesome environment for website development. Even webmasters and web developers are speaking in its favor, considering HTML5 development services a right choice for crafting excellent online presence for businesses. But what exactly one can expect as the technology evolves? Well, to answer this, here are 5 notable trends to watch out for in 2023:


  • HTML5 Video Players
  • Animations
  • HTML5 Dynamic Ads
  • The End Of Flash
  • Voice Recognition
  • Final Verdict

HTML5 Video Players

HTML5 comes with integrated support for video elements, making it easier for the developers to include video to web pages. Earlier, adding videos to web pages required installation of additional plugins to play videos. Now, you can easily insert codes to not only allow playing of videos but can also define the dimensions of the videos, the file types and if you want to autoplay the video.

However, the appearance and functions of the standard video player are basic in nature, with limited features, basically for branding purpose. The way around then is the use of third-party players. Be it proprietary or an open-source one, they provide a steady interface across multiple browsers along with numerous additional features, implementation of which, otherwise, would require deep knowledge in coding. With many more players launching in the market, the popularity of HTML5 video players is surely going to surge. Here are a few of the popular choices for HTML5 video players:

JS – Video.js is a powerful open source player, running on around half a million websites. It comes with extensive documentation, host of plugins and option to create custom skins for the player. 

JWPlayer – A commercial video player, it offers a slew of high-end features such as a fully customizable interface, support for 4k videos and adaptive bitrate streaming.

Cloudinary HTML5 Video Player – Offered by Cloudinary, it supports adaptive bitrate streaming and offers customizable themes with event tracking for analytics. 

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“Content is king” and there are no second thoughts about it. The online world, no doubt, is a highly competitive and volatile space. And with every business vying for the user’s attention, ensuring your content stands out is really a challenge. 

Now comes into picture HTML5 with its Canvas element, allowing the use of animations on the web pages. The animations can be integrated within the content to create a pop-up effect, include a featured animation, animate the banner image or replace the basic images for blog posts. In other words, with enhanced accessibility in HTML5, you can hope to see an increased number of animations on websites.

HTML5 Dynamic Ads

The manner in which your content engages with your audience largely defines its success. The conventional static ads no longer have the power to entice your audience or promote the objective of your business. HTML5 offers various interactive features to create better and dynamic advertisements, which businesses are actively using to run engaging ads that better capture the audience’s attention.

One of the most common examples of the dynamic ads would be the interactive 3600 view offered by many automotive vehicles, allowing the viewers to have an all-rounded view of a vehicle or to change the color of the car to see how the vehicle would look in different hues. Considering the surging need for interactive ads, you can surely expect more of highly dynamic and enticing ads powered by HTML5.

The End Of Flash

HTML5 has overcome one of the biggest hiccups that really affected the performance of all the previous version – the flash plugin. HTML 5 is much faster, safer and SEO-friendly. And with Adobe announcing the end of flash in 2020, you would obviously see a rise in the number of websites using flash, to port their flash-based content to HTML5. Although there are only a small number of websites running on older HTML, however, considering the fact that Chrome, Safari and many other browsers are actively prohibiting flash plugins and the official support is going to be terminated 2020 onwards, you’ll see the remaining lot making the transition.

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Voice Recognition

Having its independent web speech API, HTML5 allows the JavaScript to access the browser’s audio stream to facilitate text to audio conversion. Basically, it merges CSS, HTML5, and JavaScript along with forthright coding to allow the developer to add voice recognition feature to the web pages, thereby, opening a whole new avenue of user-friendliness and ease of accessibility. 

With this feature onboard, users can fill forms or perform searches without the need to type. As Chrome and Firefox already support voice recognition, you can expect more businesses integrating voice recognition into their websites.

Final Verdict

HTML5 offers a whole new world of opportunities that aims at completely transforming the way both designers and users interact with the web. From the ease of developing new features to enhanced accessibility and a host of added features, HTML5 has a lot on offer to trend in 2022. And with many popular websites like Facebook, YouTube and Reddit running HTML5, you can imagine where it stands and how strong are the prospects for it to become a forerunner in the trending technologies. In short, whether you’re a freelancer or a Web Design and Development Company, you cannot afford to overlook the potential of HTML5.

Sooner than later, all the websites will be moving to HTML5, and if you are not making the decision, you can consider being left behind. To begin with, you can hire HTML5 developers India to help you with the process. Consulting the experts will obviously have its own benefits besides the assurance of a smooth transition.

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