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How to Increase Bathroom Storage

How to Increase Bathroom Storage

Having a small bathroom can be a challenge. Doing bathroom renovations gives you the opportunity to increase your storage space and declutter the entire bathroom! Plus, a bathroom makeover improves usability and increases the home value. Here are a few ways you can add bathroom storage space through renovations. 

Add in Wall Storage 

Some bathrooms have partitions that can be replaced with storage cabinets or racks. Such features help you use any space available, maximizing your bathroom storage. Cabinets and racks can be used to hold items like towels, robes, or other linens that can be easily hung. 

Back-Of-Door Storage in Cabinets

You can add storage tools to the back of your cabinet doors to increase their storage capacity. The storage units can hold cleaning items, toiletries, or beauty products. Some people use magnetic containers and hooks that hold their items when placed in the cabinet. Others attach the magnet to the product itself, so it can be stuck directly to the cabinet doors.

Add a Sink Skirt

If planning to create more space for storage containers, you can use the space underneath the sink. Consider wrapping the pedestal sink with a piece of fabric to avoid making the space look cluttered. If the area allows, you can add storage containers behind the curtain.

Double Decker Storage and Organizers

You can maximize your bathroom counter space with a tiered storage bin for a shared bathroom. The container helps you make designated shelves for each occupant. Organization of products is cleaner and more logical with tools like these. 

Some organizers have several storage options, such as a horizontal rack or basket. The features help you hang your towels to dry and store your items. For example, you can hang your shower organizer using a hook in an easily accessible spot.

Use Storage Furniture

Many bathrooms have benches that come with compact storage features. Benches in particular offer storage and easy access to regular personal items, as well as a functional piece of furniture you can use for sitting in the bathroom.

Install Shelving

Another way to create more functional storage is by hanging crate shelving in your bathroom. This shelving helps create an opening shelving solution for any size product, decor, or linen.

You can hang a tiered shelf to take advantage of the space over the door frame. The space can be used to keep towels or other large products. 

Add a Towel Rack or Storage Ladder

Another way to maximize space in your bathroom is to mount a towel rack on your vertical wall. A rack is a storage unit for washcloths, hand towels, and other bathroom essentials, helping you clear out space.

For narrow spaces, you can place a ladder that helps you hang your towels or toilet paper baskets. The ladder should not protrude much from the wall.

Add Freestanding Storage

If space allows, a freestanding cabinet or cart can be added in extra floor space for storage. Some freestanding cabinets or carts can accommodate storage baskets below, allowing you more space to store items.

Attach Hooks to Walls and Cabinets

You can attach hooks on the bathroom wall to your hang towels and robes. Hooks come in a vast variety of materials, colors, and styles, so there is sure to be something fitting for your bathroom’s interior design. 

Install a Barn Door

A standard door requires floor space for the door to swing. Replacing or installing a “barn door”, or a door that slides into the wall, helps free up your bathroom space. For this style of door, you’ll need free wall space in the adjacent to the bathroom.

Hanging Baskets

If you are looking for small bathroom ideas, hanging baskets from the wall can be a great idea. The baskets help you save your floor space and create a unique design feature.

Bathroom Renovations

Whether you plan to sell your house or just update its current look, bathroom renovationscan help you achieve a more spacious, clean, and functional room.

Consider your budget, space availability, and design goals before beginning your remodeling project. Once you’ve determined each of these things, you can start collecting design plans to enhance the storage options and look of your bathroom. 

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