Can I Put Vinyl Graphics on a Window?

Can I Put Vinyl Graphics on a Window

Window graphics are a beautiful way to freshen up your business space. Vinyl graphics add a splash of color while allowing you to engage with a larger audience. Vinyl allows you to express a message artistically, whether you want to revamp your brand or present a new product.

Benefits of Putting Vinyl Graphics on Your Window

Installing graphic displays on windows is a creative and entertaining way to boost your company’s image. They help attract prospective clients to your business and increase your brand’s exposure. Other advantages include the following:

Cost Effective

Vinyl is simple to install and saves you the cost of advertising. The stickers are long-lasting and require little to no care. These graphics are available in various colors and styles, and you may tailor them to your liking.

Peel-and-stick vinyl signage features a unique microsphere adhesive with remarkable sticking properties. Removing is easy, does not damage your window, and leaves no adhesive residue.

Does Not Need a Permit

Installing business signage requires obtaining licensing from your state. The authorization may take time, and your signage may be subjected to adjustments, including size and positioning. Installing vinyl graphics on windows is quicker and easier since it does not require all these procedures.

Enhances Privacy

Vinyl designs come in various colors and textures, from transparent to opaque. Your business will still have natural lighting, even if the entire window is covered with a vinyl graphic. This makes them an excellent choice when you need privacy in certain areas or want to apply social distancing decals.

How To Install Vinyl Graphics on Windows

Personalized graphics are great for customizing your windows and marketing your brand. You can decorate your windows with your company’s logo or an eye-catching statement to capture the attention of passers-by. You can either hire a graphic company to apply your new vinyls, or you can follow these simple steps to apply them yourself:

Prepare Your Graphics

Window graphics, especially large or custom orders, are often shipped in rolls or tubes. These cylindrical containers keep the vinyl from accidentally peeling or getting damaged in transit. Once your order of vinyl graphics arrives, you’ll need to unroll each sheet and let it sit for a while before trying to apply it. This is because the vinyl will likely be a bit curled or folded from being in the packaging tube.

Lay your decal on a flat surface. Place a flat, heavy item on top for a few hours to eliminate any curves or wrinkles. Rub a thin-edged object along the edges of the decal while exerting gentle pressure. This straightens out any edges that might appear wrinkled and folded.

Clean the Window Surface

While your graphic is laid out on a flat surface, use a glass cleaner to clean the glass surface where you’ll be applying it. If you don’t have a glass cleaner, use warm water with no chemical detergent. Avoid cleaning products containing ammonia since they can stimulate the formation of air bubbles.

After cleaning, allow your window to dry completely. Graphics cling well to smooth and clean surfaces. Do not use a cloth or paper towel to wipe the window, as it may leave lodged residue behind the graphic.

Position the Graphic

Align the graphics at your desired position on the window, with the printed side facing you. Measure the vertical and horizontal distance of the decals with a tape measure and tweak the positioning as needed. Repeat the alignment and measuring process once more after adjustment to be sure.

Some vinyl graphics are removable and can be reapplied if you don’t like the initial position. Others are less likely to stick again if removed after the first application. Check the manufacturer’s guide on the sticker materials to know what will work best for your situation.

Take Off the Protective Covering

Gently peel away the protective layer by pulling it up from the bottom. Avoid touching the graphic’s sticky part and keep the adhesive from coming into contact with the window. Remove the protective layer carefully to prevent peeling off the decal.

To make it easier, some companies will sell the decal in panels or smaller pieces. You can align them as you put up the image, and the smaller sections make it easier to prevent bubbles or wrinkles from forming. 

Place Graphic on the Window

Before applying the sticker, make sure the surface is completely dry as moisture can weaken the adhesive. Place the graphic in your desired position on the dry window. Use a squeegee to drive out any air bubbles. Begin at the middle of the sticker, and work your way outwards while exerting pressure.

The graphic should securely adhere to the surface. Squeegeeing helps keep the images from peeling off the window’s surface. Now you can enjoy a long-term, low-maintenance display that’s unique to your business!

Install Vinyl Graphics on Your Window Today

Graphics are perfect for conveying messages such as company logos, operating hours, or contact information. You can share your brand’s style and get creative with your space by adding custom designs, words, and fonts with vinyl graphics.

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