How Frequently Do You Need PAT Testing for Your Business?

Commercial Pat Testing Services

Commercial Pat Testing:

Portable equipment testing (PAT) is an essential feature of retaining the safe usage of electrical systems and complying with health and safety standards. It applies to any electric equipment plugged right into a chosen wall socket, not just what you may think of as prototypical appliances. For example, it would exemplify testing of appliances like computer systems, photocopiers, vacuums, energy equipment, or even arcade games.

PAT trying out is a brilliant way to satisfy the Electricity at Work Regulations (1989) requirements, that is, the law making it compulsory to keep the electrical system in the administrative center in safe working order. It is up to the individual business to determine how to reach and reveal that their equipment is safe.

However, Commercial Pat Testing Services has been advanced to cover all features of electrical appliance safety and is thus the suitable option to make sure your equipment does now not pose any dangers to their users.

The Testing:

PAT testing includes visible checks and testing methods performed on an electrical appliance. Often, visual tests are all that is important to decide whether the equipment is in appropriate working order.

Any ready person with sufficient training can carry out this visual inspection – many organizations can have a specific member of workers who meets these standards perform preliminary testing. A visual PAT should cover checking:

  • Cables and flexes for damage
  • Plugs and device for damage, inclusive of signs of overheating
  • Plugs are stressed effectively
  • Fuses are rated successfully

Specialist testing methods are required periodically to ensure the home equipment is in safe working order. This test should be done via an expert and could typically contain the usage of a specialist system. The exams rely on the system being checked, however, can include:

  • Insulation resistance check
  • Earth continuity test
  • Earth resistance test
  • Polarity test
  • Applied current test

The frequency of appliance checking depends greatly upon their regularity and use surroundings, and it is up to the business owner to pick out an accountable testing schedule.

For instance, a doubtlessly dangerous system that’s used daily in high-hazard environments – including electricity tools – will need to be checked more regularly than low-use and coffee chance devices, such as a printer. Using these examples, one could perform monthly visible inspections on strength tools with a 6-month expert testing schedule.

At the same time, the printer might only need annual visual reviews and a 5 12 months expert testing schedule. Labeling your home equipment with its test dates is an excellent idea to provide a schedule reminder and proof of testing.

Commercial Pat Testing Services


Regular PAT testing has several advantages; the most beneficial is decreasing the likelihood of an electrical fire. With regular inspections and testing, the threat of home equipment falling into disrepair and turning into hazardous is substantially reduced.

Consequently, any want for protection must be recognized and accomplished before issues get too severe, stopping the desire for high-priced, large-scale repairs or whole replacements down the road.

Another benefit of having daily, scheduled PAT testing is that insurance companies admire it. They know the actual worth of routine testing in contributing to a place of business capability, safety, and fire danger discount.

Demonstrably secure workplaces may also, in truth, get hold of decreased rates on their coverage. However, without meeting the illegal requirements of keeping your electric appliances in safe working condition, insurance companies may want to lessen or even refuse a payout in time if such a device causes harm.

Fused Electric is a fully authorized fire safety and business safety company with experts. We can ensure that your business is safe and comfortable by using, presenting, installing, and retaining exquisite fire and security alarm systems.

To provide more valuable resources for your premises’ safety, we also offer professional fire hazard assessments and a reliable range of firefighting equipment. Contact our team today for more info about our products or services.

How are we able to assist?

PAT Testing is one of the most inexpensive and accessible methods to ensure you have reduced the threat of harm to your employees. PAT Testing also guarantees you’ve got met all of your insurance requirements.

Our team offers hassle-free Annual Pat Testing Services from start to end. Call or mail one of the friendly team for an instant quote. Once you are glad about the quote, we will install a time and date to fit around you.

On compilation, you will be emailed a certificate and a detailed report of every item. The certification proves that the responsible person has taken the steps essential to ensure safety, and the specific information will highlight the skip or failure of every item.

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