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black and gray cashmere stole

Belts and scarves and black and gray cashmere stole  are not to be neglected because they will serve you to highlight an essential part of your body: your waist . For a long time, I neglected wearing a seat belt. Big mistake! Never forget to belt your jeans, pants and dresses. You will see that this stylish touch will make all the difference and make you very feminine.

Scarves can also be worn quite differently: they dress your neck, your bust, your wrists, your bags . They are multifunctional to bring a touch of originality and elegance!

The Thin Belt

Its width is 1 to 3 cm . Choose it preferably in leather or suede (black, camel, brown, beige, burgundy, braided, bi-material, gold). It’s a little touch that will make the difference and that will especially prevent you from pulling up your bottom in an inelegant way every five minutes. If so, it happened to me at a time (distant!). Wear it with your jeans, suit pants, denim shorts, chinos, skirts and dresses.

The Wide Belt

Its width is approximately 4 to 8 cm . Also choose black and gray cashmere stole it in leather or suede . The brown, camel, burgundy and gold models will be the easiest to associate with your outfit and you can make regular use of them. The wide belt is worn on your hips or high waist depending on your morphology : high waist if you have a marked waist and rather on your hips if you do not have a marked waist. Wear it with your dresses and your sweater dresses, it will make all the difference once again.

The Scarf And Silk Square

The scarf is preferably chosen in silk and printed . Go for a mix of basic and mid-tone colors in fall/winter ; and rather for a mix of strong colors in spring / summer . The scarf is multifunctional: it dresses your neck, your hair; it can also be worn as a belt with your jeans or on the handles of your bags.

The silk square is smaller and also has several possible uses: wrapped around your neck, your wrist or the handle of your bag. In headband version ( hair band), it dresses up your hairstyles.


Winter outfit par excellence, scarves are not chosen lightly either. You will enjoy taking them out of your wardrobe once the cold has set in. You have the choice between:

the wool or cashmere scarf : warm, soft and fluffy . Wear it wrapped several times around your neck to protect you from the cold. Opt for a plain or plain scarf  (grey, camel, burgundy, old rose, gold; black and white houndstooth version or leopard print for a touch of character). Wear it with sweaters, coats and hats.

the pashmina  : thinner , fluid and lighter than the scarf . Less imposing, it goes well with a dress, a blouse or a blazer for a chic and feminine look. Choose it in a plain tone that complements your scarf. Pashmina is actually a finer variant of cashmere wool.

the chèche : a mid-season and summer cotton scarf to wrap around your neck; and wear with tank tops and t-shirts. Summer piece, choose it rather colorful.

The scarves in a light version will also serve you during the other seasons to counter the cooler days and your summer evenings. Never hesitate to take a cotton stole or a pashmina on vacation to counter the air conditioning and avoid colds.

Little tip : wear your scarf and your wide scarf like a waistcoat and belted with a wide belt. Stylish effect guaranteed!

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