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How Can Schools Save Money with Modular Buildings?

Schools have always had to stick to their annual budgets, and the cost of living crisis has made this task even more daunting. Prices and energy bills have been skyrocketing recently, making it quite challenging for schools to manage their finances consistently. For educational organisations looking to optimise their budgets, Modular building is a smart choice. Here are some great ways schools can enjoy the cost-saving benefits of modular construction.

Modular school buildings are highly versatile.

Modular buildings are a great way to add internal spaces to academic institutions such as schools, colleges and universities. These are tailor-made to fit your needs, no matter the size or complexity of the project. Modular buildings are a great option as they can be employed in various situations, ranging from regular classrooms and training rooms to sophisticated science labs, food tech kitchens, staff rooms, cafeterias, bike stations, storage units and other toilet and shower amenities. 

Looking to expand your existing space but need the room? Reach out to us, and let’s discuss what possibilities are available to you. We’ll be glad to provide guidance and support in making the right decision for your needs. We promise to have the perfect modular building to meet your needs – and not to mention they are incredibly cost-efficient.

Modular classrooms are very affordable.

Modular construction offers a range of cost-saving benefits over other traditional methods. As these buildings are assembled away from the site, material, transportation and labour costs are minimised. Furthermore, because the framework is already completed when it arrives, there is minimal disruption on site and quicker installation times. Apart from being economical, these measures also cause minimal disruption and enable your staff & students to function smoothly without any hindrance or delay.

Achieve energy efficiency with modular classrooms

Building modularly has various advantages for the environment. The construction phase has fewer transport needs, while components are produced in an eco-friendly facility with no wastage. This ensures a greener approach to construction and development. Modular buildings are fast becoming popular among builders as they offer exceptional energy efficiency, with features such as thick insulation and double glazing being integrated as standard.

The modular classrooms stand out as the green option for educational entities since they reduce carbon footprint right from the designing phase until long after completion. This is made possible by utilising various factors that come together and result in an eco-friendly, sustainable solution. In addition, building modular structures can help you save on expenses related to heating. Compared to traditional construction, modular buildings are a great way to reduce your energy bills and make your budget stretch further.

Modular buildings are designed to suit your needs.

Nowadays, modular buildings can be designed to suit any purpose you have in mind. We offer customised classrooms with all the essential equipment ready to use, such as:

  • Classrooms with furniture and fixtures
  • Science labs with benches, sinks and non-slip flooring
  • Music suites with the very best acoustic treatments and effective soundproofing
  • Food Tech classrooms with cooking facilities and temperature-controlled storage spaces
  • Purpose-built gyms for PE and exercise sessions
  • Nurseries and daycare centres designed to be safe for very young children
  • Toilet and shower units with sleek and hygienic fixtures

Just let us know what you need the modular building for, what features it should have, and an idea of how you want it to look, and our experts will take care of the rest. Investing in one source for furniture, materials, and equipment can be much more budget-friendly than acquiring them from different vendors. Plus, it saves you a substantial amount of time as well.

Modular buildings are up to 70% faster and 50% cheaper.

You have limited space, and your teaching facilities are overcrowded, so it’s time to add additional buildings to your site. But first, you need to decide whether you want another classroom or if it would be better to rearrange things.

Modular buildings can be completely customised to suit your needs, from size, shape and configuration to style and fixtures. This allows you to enhance the efficiency and flow of your premises in a significant way. For example, moving some sections of the admin department, reception, IT suite or even library to a more central location could result in better visibility and access for everyone. This could be advantageous for improving efficiency and accessibility. In addition, schools are sometimes in need of extra classrooms or more seating for students. In some cases, even something as manageable as adding additional maths classrooms or providing more lunchtime seating closer to existing canteens can be a great benefit.

Modular buildings have revolutionised the construction industry with their speed and cost efficiency. You are now presented with multiple options as they take up to 70% less time and 50% less money than traditional construction methods. Plus, you can personalise the design according to your desires due to its easy adaptability and quick installation process.

Additional cost-saving options

Modular buildings are a great way to save money when it comes to expanding school facilities. However, additional investments can be made that will bring an even better return on investment over time. If you want to reduce energy costs and be environmentally friendly, consider asking us about motion-sensitive lighting, integrated solar panels and smart thermostatic systems. These features can make a huge difference in reducing energy usage. 

Would you rather pay monthly?

If you require a modular building but are short on budget, feel free to contact us. We offer numerous finance options that can assist in making your educational or training centre project happen. So don’t let a lack of funds stand in the way of your goals! 

We have partnered with a well-known financial services provider to provide asset finance for businesses since 2009. This allows you to avoid large upfront costs and conveniently spread payments over an agreed period of time.

Building modular buildings has perks, such as tax benefits and money-saving advantages. For example, you can pay for the building in small instalments, allowing you to protect your cash flow. In addition, you’ll have a unique and custom-made structure without spending vast amounts of money.

Ask us about modular classrooms.

Are you interested in learning about the advantages of modular buildings? Reach out to the team at PF Modular team now using the contact form and get started!

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