GAN 11 M Pro – The Fastest 3×3 Speed Cube of 2020

3x3 Speed Cube

GAN 11 m pro is the flagship 3×3 speed cube of 2020 and comes with GAN’s new omnidirectional core. This industry first features a unique magnetic feel with corner-core magnet positioning and interchangeable core-corner magnets.

The cube also has a dual adjustment system like the GAN 356 XS and has 4 different spring compression settings and 6 elasticity levels. Available in Frosted (same as all recent GAN releases) and UV coated Stickerless finishes with Primary or Black plastic internal pieces.

Dual Adjustment System

The gan 11 m pro features a dual adjustment system that allows you to adjust the tension of your cube. This feature makes it easier for you to tune the axes of your cube and achieve better hand speed bursts.

This new dual adjustment system also lets you change the elasticity of your cube. It consists of a set of screws, elastic adjusting nuts and a dual-adjustment wrench. The GES system makes it easy for anyone to tune their speed cubes.

GAN’s GES system was first used in the 356 Air, and then expanded in their new SM and UM cubes. It works by combining two spring systems: an interchangeable GES nut and a strong, adjustable spring.

This new dual adjustment system is featured on the gan 11 m duo and a frosted stickerless variant of it. It provides 24 different adjustment variations through four elasticity nut options and six spring compression choices. This is a huge improvement on the old system that only had two elasticity settings and no spring compression.


The GAN 11 M Pro is this year’s flagship 3×3 magnetic speed cube from GAN Cube. It features a revolutionary new design with a brand-new omnidirectional core and GAN’s dual adjustment system. This allows cubers to adjust the elasticity and tension of the corner magnets to their own preferences. The GAN 11 M Pro is available in a Frosted finish (same as other recent GAN releases) with either Primary or Black plastic internals and a UV Coated version with the same grippy feel but more resistant to scratches.

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Omni Directional Core

GANs 2020 flagship 3×3 is their first to feature a brand new omnidirectional magnetic core design. Using their GMS V3 technology, the core now has 64 magnets with precisely allocated magnet positions to both corner and edge pieces. This results in a cube that is extremely light, has an incredible magnetic feel and feels just like a regular magnetic speedcube to solve.

In addition, the core now features the GES system which allows you to set the distance of the center magnets in your cube. The GES system is easy to use with the included small blue nut that comes pre-installed on all GAN 11 M Pro, 11 M Duo and 11 M and allows you to adjust the distance between the center magnets to your liking.

This amazing cube comes in Frosted Stickerless (primary internals) or Black Matte with the same dual adjustment system as the popular GAN 356 XS and can have either 6 different levels of elasticity or 4 different tension settings (which are adjusted by hand). It also weighs an impressive 63 g.


The gan 11 m pro is a light and fast magnetic 3×3 speed cube from famous manufacturer Gan. It features a lightweight design and comes with GAN’s new omnidirectional core, which provides an enhanced magnetic feel. It also comes with the innovative dual adjustment system and GES nuts, which allow cubers to adjust the tensions and elasticity of their cubes to their preferences.

The GAN 11 M Pro is the company’s 2020 flagship cube and has been a top choice for speedcubers around the world since its release. It has an advanced modifiability and can be adjusted to fit the exact needs of any cuber, from beginner to expert.

The GAN 11 M Pro is available in a Frosted finish (same as other recent Gan releases) and a UV Coated version with either primary or black plastic internal pieces. It uses the same GES (GAN Elasticity System) system as the popular GAN 356 XS and allows for 6 different levels of elasticity and 4 different tensions, which can be adjusted by hand using the smaller blue nut.

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