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Discord is a chat platform designed to allow you to find and join communities of gamers, movie buffs, music lovers, anime fans and other people who share interests like your own. Once you find one you like, simply tap “Join Server” to sign in or accept an invitation; Disboard even offers server reviews to help make an informed decision on which servers to join!

Discord’s search tool

Discord’s search tool offers an easy and efficient way of quickly finding servers based on your interests, and even works well on mobile devices. However, please keep in mind that large servers may experience slow search performance while third-party plugins could hinder its functionality – to determine this, you could run a speed test and see whether the problem lies on either end – try running one yourself first to confirm whether there’s an issue on either side.

To quickly search for Discord servers, the fastest and simplest way is to click on the green compass icon that says “Explore Public Servers.” From here, scroll through your list and choose one to join; alternatively use categories and popular tags on the left side of the page to narrow your results further by topic.

When searching for Discord servers, it’s wise to avoid those which require you to provide personal details – these servers may be created by scammers and could lead to your account being hijacked. Furthermore, try and avoid those requiring downloads before joining.

Discord’s directory

Discord is an innovative communications platform from San Francisco with a fun and user-friendly user interface, and is widely used across various communities for text, voice, and video messaging – including gaming groups. Furthermore, Discord serves many other uses including professional collaboration and meeting new people. When using Discord it is essential that you know where its files reside on your computer as unlike most applications it doesn’t install into Program Files folder.

Discord has finally patched a bug preventing users from creating server folders on their sidebar, making it easier for gamers to manage all the servers they participate in. They implemented this new feature today to make life simpler for gamers who participate in many servers simultaneously.

The App Directory offers users an easy way to search, browse, and discover thousands of applications to customize their servers and communities. They can even use it to find bots to automate tasks and add functionality – this feature is only accessible to those with the Manage Server permission or similar roles.


Disboard is a website where people can search for servers based on their specific interests, with search tags such as games, art, community memes music anime and technology making search results more accessible to potential members while providing owners more visibility and engagement opportunities.

Not only does this site list Discord servers, it also features user reviews and ratings. Furthermore, you can filter results based on language, server size and server type – there is even an NSFW filter specifically useful for adults!

Users can promote their servers by creating a bump channel and sending out invite links to players. Bumping a server propels it to the top of the list and makes it more visible – keep in mind, however, that Disboard cannot be held responsible for what happens on any given server and it falls upon its owner/administrator to oversee and moderate their activities accordingly.

Other methods

Discord has quickly become a go-to platform for communities sharing similar interests or hobbies, providing a great way to keep in touch with friends while meeting new ones. But finding your ideal server on discord may prove challenging if you don’t know what you’re searching for; to find servers quickly there are various means available such as social media search tools or public server directories.

The Explore feature within Discord can provide a quick way of discovering communities relevant to you and your location, with filters available for channel type or topic. Another method involves searching online directories specializing in Discord servers; for instance, searching by game can yield servers related to that game; you could also look up music playlists or even dating communities – although be wary about joining these as some could lead to spam or redirect you towards dangerous websites.

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