Fourth of July Descriptive Essay: A writer’s Insight

Fourth of July Descriptive Essay

The days of liberation are different for every nation but important and historical. This day represents the struggle and sacrifices made by our forefathers. Their hard work and dedication brought about the liberation we celebrate today. Many stories are written about the significance of this special event. 

Capturing the gravity of the fourth of July descriptive essay is difficult due to the many hardships our leaders face with the appropriate words. You can write a research paper on this topic or you can use a research paper writing service that helps you to write perfectly. Let me take you on a step-by-step journey to write this amazing piece of history.

Fourth of July Descriptive Essay

The most important day in my life is the Fourth of July. It was the day when Americans became a nation. We celebrate this day with our new generation to remind ourselves that liberty is the most important thing in life.

Fourth of July’s descriptive essay provides us with the explicit acknowledgement of liberty. Many nations had lost the opportunity to avail the of liberation. Many failed while some succeeded. 

There are countless examples of countries that fought hard but lost in the end. The importance of a descriptive essay about July fourth is so vast that containing it in a perfect essay writing is almost impossible. 

The United States of America is the prime example of the successful liberation from then superpower “Great Britain.” America was their colony, and the British crown has long suppressed our nation as we were. But finally, on the eve of the fourth of July, 1776 United States of America became a fully independent country.

As an American, I love this day more than any other thing. I usually go to my parent’s home. But this year, I decided to take them to Liberty State Park in New Jersey. However, I was born in Washington DC. But this time I wanted to see the fireworks on the “Statue of Liberty.”

All I heard in the past is that the fourth of July celebration is one step ahead of Washington DC. Though I never believed this statement. Finally, after many left and right turns, we have reached the “Liberty State Park.” A descriptive essay about park is also a good start for understanding the importance of such a place.

Starting a description-based essay about the fourth of July can be narrated as like the following:

Park was overfilled with many people, from older ones to adolescents. Everyone was holding sparklers and a string of firecrackers. However, I’m an adult, but the celebration is incomplete with any of these tools. So I bought some of these from a local stall outside the park.

The firework was scheduled for 9 pm. We arrived there at 8 pm. Arriving one hour earlier still did not turn out to be fruitful. With the hustle and bustle, we finally picked the spot. My mom and dad both love hamburgers and fries more than me. 

So I decide to buy those and some pasta carbonara for myself. As soon as the clock hit 9 pm, we saw the gigantic explosion of different colors in the sky. The statue of liberty crown was lit with the colors red, white, and blue American flag. 

Such a marvellous flag was shown on the entire body of the statue. It was like the embodiment of liberty colors. Welcoming everyone to the land of freedom and brave. 

I start lighting up the sparklers and string firecrackers. I was so happy with the sound of crackers. The entire park was crowded, and the smoke from the small blast presented us with the scene of a fire being put out by the marshals. 

On the other hand, smoke caused some suffocation, while enjoyment prevented me from overthinking this issue. After the horrific lockdown of early 2020 due to the coronavirus, it was a good chance to detoxify all the negativity. Thus giving the best detail is vital for choosing the accurate description of the 4th July essay. 

Seeing the splendid aerial fireworks with my own eyes, I concluded. And that was the full agreement with the statement that Liberty State Park is the best place for celebration.

I had seen many foreigners watching the event with amusing eyes. The entertainment was worthy enough for travel of up to four hours by road. Additionally, playing with firecrackers had given me an opportunity that I utilized with maximum pleasure.

The local food stalls served the smoked beef Cuban sandwich. After eating these, I feel like this should be served as the last meal to everyone on earth. The salty cheese with beef or roasted pork provides a mouth-watering experience.

On the contrary, I like to have pasta like an addict all day. Therefore, after watching the aerial fireworks and celebrations, we all went for dinner at a local Italian restaurant.

I had ordered the pasta with a bread roll and olive oil with herbs. My mom selected steak and Italian pizza. We all enjoyed the meal. This event has presented us with an amazing opportunity to spend time with family members. 

That night we also had taken coffee along with Turkish delights. Thus fourth of July presented a one-of-a-kind occasion for a family celebration. While spending my time in the enclosed apartment during the covid lockdown, the family is what’s important to me now.

After writing the essay based on July fourth description, I concluded that assignment writing help is necessary to complete this task.


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