7 Essential Sales Techniques to Know

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The digital revolution has changed sales techniques. From a product-centric approach, we have moved to a vision where the customer is King. Faced with this new paradigm, companies must refocus on effective strategies and tools to sustain their business. In the world of marketing and sales, there are many sales approaches, Stock Trading strategies and techniques that have been theorized. We have selected 7 of them. Those that will allow you to boost and optimize your sales processes via a CRM solution at the service of customer relations.

Why Use These Sales Techniques In 2022?

In the digital age, the digitization of companies has become obvious. A real business lever, it offers an undeniable gain in productivity and time to respond effectively to customer expectations. Faced with a borderless flow of information, exponential use of social networks and ever-increasing competition, buying behavior has changed. 

1. The BANT Method

The moment a user visits your web visit for the first time, it becomes a business opportunity. And if he performs an action, for example by registering for a webinar, he becomes a qualified lead and therefore a potential customer. But to qualify your prospect, it is necessary to determine not only his interest in your product, but also your company. The BANT, for Budget, Authority, Need, Timing, aims to identify commercially exploitable Internet users according to 4 interdependent key criteria. If one of the variables does not respond positively, the lead is not yet ready to buy, he is not mature enough.

2. The AIDA Model

Aligning sales and marketing teams is not a dream. Today, to seduce and convince your audience, speaking intelligently has become essential. By optimizing the efficiency of the teams, you direct them towards a common objective: the development of your activity.

To attract and convert, the AIDA model (Attention, Interest, Desire, and Action) recalls the key stages through which the customer passes during the buying journey.

3. The 4C Technique

Consumer exposed to an avalanche of data on the web, the customer is not a simple buyer, but a real actor. Today, he not only wants us to meet his expectations, but also to have a privileged relationship with the brand.

Customer King par excellence, it must be placed at the center of your digital strategy. The product is no longer enough to seduce him, he wants a personalized and authentic buying experience. The 4C principles part of this approach of understanding customer needs for optimal management of sales and marketing actions.

4. The SONCAS Method

To convince a customer, it is essential to understand his motivations for buying. The SONCAS method is a mnemonic device to identify the needs and motivations of your prospects to guide them towards the purchase decision.

It is divided into 6 typologies at the origin of the customer’s motivation to buy, in order to analyze their psychological profile and adapt the right selling points:

5. The SPANCO Technique

It is a technique that facilitates the follow-up of the commercial negotiation step by step, from the first contact until the signing of the contract and the conclusion of a transaction. By implementing the right KPIs at each stage, your teams can structure their approach to optimize the prospect’s progress in your conversion funnel:

6. Inbound Sales

Inbound sales is a technique inherited from inbound marketing which consists of letting the customer contact the brand when he decides. Faced with the proliferation of online content, buyers no longer need to contact a sales team directly to decide on a purchase. The latter must therefore evolve and transform their sales strategy in its entirety in order to serve the potential buyer. They must personalize the sales experience according to the context of the prospect. Inbound sales is based on 5 key topics:

7. Sales Enablement

Support the sales teams

It is a set of processes, practices, technologies and tools that improve the performance and productivity of a company’s business strategy. the dirty enablement supports sales teams with the content, training, tools, and analytics they need, when they need them, to be most successful in the sales process.

Activating your sales strategy with sales enablement makes it possible to create better defined sales processes, to define a global framework to know who should do what, and above all to facilitate the work of salespeople thanks to powerful tools and better inter-departmental communication. Thus for the expert company, the sales enablement allows you to change your daily operations:

  • All systems are accessible in a multi-device interface, regardless of team mobility and available connections.
  • Support and sales documents are categorized, enriched with metadata and integrated into an easily accessible comprehensive guide.
  • The automation strategy allows fine segmentation. 
  • Sales enablement tools are available for all positions, teams are trained and master their uses.
  • All sales process content is strictly documented and enriched with customization according to customer typologies and sales situations.
  • Success indicators and performance measures are managed on a daily basis in direct and real-time contact with the sales and marketing teams.

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