You Should Know These 5 Things Before You Style a Tank Top!

While you may be thinking that tank tops are generic and very easy to style, it may come as a shock to you that these can be tricky sometimes. Not all tank tops can find their best matches in a heartbeat and not all kinds of tank tops suit everyone.

That is why you should know these 5 things before you style a tank top to look your best and not raise any eyebrows as you walk down the street.

Having Enough Confidence

Before you start donning tank tops, you should build up enough confidence to wear them the right way. Tank tops are great for people with bold personalities, but if you don’t have that style, you may not be able to unlock the full potential of this snazzy piece of clothing.

Since most tank tops are snug, you should first embrace your body and your curves so that you can confidently rock the stylish tanks!

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Make Sure It’s The Right Size

The whole purpose of a tank top is to be above your waistline, hence, above your belt. Make sure you get the right size tank top to fully utilize the style it offers. The right length is not the only thing that matters though– there are different cuts and styles in tank tops– some snug, some loose fit.

You gotta choose the style that speaks to your style the most because it will add a different glow to your whole look! When you are going for a snug fit, make sure it doesn’t hug your body but outlines your silhouette instead. A body-hugging tank is the last thing you want in your closet!

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Wear The Right Bra

I can’t stress it enough– your bra plays a vital role in giving your outfit a sleek, defined look! If you wear the wrong kind of bra with a fitted blouse or dress, it will ruin the whole look.

Therefore, your daily wear bras won’t work with tank tops, instead, go with T-shirt bras, seamless bras, or padded bras for a perky and stunning look.

How Much Skin To Reveal

If you are wearing a regular tank top, make sure no skin is revealed on your torso. The armholes should be measured to be till your first rib and not lower than that. Similarly, the neckline should not be deep enough to reveal more than necessary– it doesn’t look elegant.

Which Occasions Are Tank Top Appropriate?

Tank tops are usually considered to be casual wear, but some fancy tank tops, like lace tops can even be worn on dates and dinners. Otherwise, you can wear tank tops to your morning runs, the beach, pool parties, or the gym!

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Bottom Line

The bottom line is that to properly style your tank tops snazzily, you gotta keep in check these 5 things. Without that, you are risking botching your look big time!

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