11 Best WooCommerce Shipping Plugins for Online Stores

Best WooCommerce Shipping Plugin for online stores

For all the online stores in the world, WooCommerce shipping is the most essential part of the company which links to the customer experience directly. Every company has to pay extra focus to technical and logistic services. When a customer comes to buy a product online then he should always check the shipping cost whether it is free or at a nominal price. If the delivery charge is too high for a small thing, he never buys the product. So it is essential for all companies to pay major attention to the shipping system. In an online store, the customer comes from domestically as well as internationally and does different shopping according to product, price, easy availability, weight, and delivery days so WooCommerce shipping plugins help the company to make their task in an easy way.

List of The Best WooCommerce Shipping Plugins

Here we discuss Shipping Plugins for WooCommerce. There are the following as:


For the Online store, the USPS shipping plugin is free which helps in a flexible product delivery process and gives transparency to the customer. If you are using USPS then whenever a customer buys a product he will get a live shipping rate according to the weight, dimension, and price of the product. Whenever API does not work, you can set a fixed rate to avoid customer disturbance which increases the experience of the customer.

2. WooCommerce Advanced Shipping

You can download this plugin for free at WordPress.Its helps you to create different shipping methods as well as shipping conditions. This helps in clarifying the shipping rates according to product items, weight, quantity, shipping class, etc. You can also do advanced pricing and shipping zones with the help of extensions added to this plugin.

3. Shipstaion plugin

Shipstation is very popular among all online stores because of its unique features. If your business is too high or too small it is customizable according to your work. With the help of this, you can import orders, and batch creations as well as communicate with the customer. This plugin also helps customers to customize their packing if they want to gift someone special then can give a message, and get customized email notifications.

4. Table rate shipping plugin

For an online store, you have to set a table rate which helps you to see rates according to cart total and cart weights. You can easily set the minimum as well as the maximum value for the cart checkout. If the customer cart product is breakable, with the help of a plugin you can add extra handling charges as well as cash on delivery with extra charges. You can easily set up multiple tier cities shipping rates at one time and can make products price include as well as exclude from the tax according to a business requirement.

5. Advanced tracking shipment

This plugin helps the store owner give customers a tracking shipment facility which increases the customer experience. with the help of a plugin, the customer gets a different notification on their account or on phone like orders, packed, dispatched as well as delivered. Customers can also check the courier provider, tracking id, and date of dispatch of add-on products tracking full details.

6. Flat rate and Weight Based shipping plugin

Naturally online stores have diverse products and customers, to manage the shipping cost of different product plugins are used. This plugin helps you to create different shipping methods according to their weight, category, quantity, and the country as well as calculate tax on the different shipping methods.

If you want to calculate according to product weight-based shipping then this plugin helps you a lot. At one time you can categorize different products by different weights on various conditions.

    7. DHL express shipping

    DHL is one of the most famous courier companies in the world. This plugin helps in retrieving real-time shipping rates by going on the account by product weight and shipping locations. With the help of the plugin, customers can see estimated delivery time as well as a breakdown of different charges for shipping. You can also check the premium version of the DHL plugin which helps the company to print DHL shipping labels as well as tracking information for the customers.

    8. WooCommerce shipping

    You can print USPS shipping labels with the help of the plugin. If you have discounted rates on your USPS account you can use those discounted rates to print labels. This helps you to avoid standing in a queue at the post office for print labels as you can print at your home and attach them to the parcel for dispatching

    9. Advanced free shipping

    This is a very powerful plugin for those online stores that want customer conversion rate and average order value but you should remember one thing, this will impact your profit. While using this plugin you have the option to set a parameter for free shipping according to sub-cart total, location, quantity, shipping classes, etc.

    10. Automatic address validation

    This plugin is very useful for companies as well as users also because if the shipment reached the wrong place then it’s a bad experience for customers and store owners. Whenever a customer enters the address while checking out, the plugin automatically verifies the address as well as it also offers to autocomplete address-filling option which increases the customer experience while shopping.

    11. WooCommerce address book

    This plugin helps the Customers have multiple addresses for delivery on their e-commerce store account which helps them to not fill in the address many times while shopping which increases the customer experience. If you want to send the same products to many addresses then this plugin will not help you out.


    Today woo commerce shipping plugins are very important for all types of online business because it resolves all the difficulties of shipping technology which increases the customer experience and directly increases the company’s growth. In the marketplace, there are many free plugins for smooth operation in shipping. According to your business, you can select the best of them for your business growth.

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