Why Prefer Sleeve Box Packaging?

sleeve packaging

Packaging has become part and parcel of each brand’s products. A product can lose its worth if it is not packed properly. Nowadays, people have become modernized. They look for unique custom sleeve boxes adorned with beautiful color themes and designs. The overall packaging process relies on the style of a package. We came across a lot of boxes drafted in various shapes and designs. But here comes the question of how you will choose an ideal pack that is secure for your products and looks attractive. A printed sleeve box is an absolute choice. Why is it the best offer? First, it is a multipurpose box to fill up food, bakeries, cosmetics, and many more items. Secondly, it provides secure packaging. It consists of a lid and a bottom tray. The bottom part stores items and the lid part gives protection from damage.

Designing of Sleeve Packaging with Matchless Customized Options:

Our company offers boundless custom solutions to create attractive and alluring packaging. You can design a box in accordance with your taste. Contact our customer team and let them know about your specifications regarding the package. First, you have to talk about the dimensions of the box, such as its length, width, and depth, whatever suits your products. Then you are allowed to choose the printing, material, and add-ons for printed sleeve boxes. Our competent staff will come with an exact box in a very short time.

Pick Up Sleeve Boxes with Die-Cut Styles to Showcase Your Products:

Are you selling luxurious and superb quality items in ordinary packaging? Do you wish to enhance the exposure of your brand’s items? It’s trivial. You can choose sleeve boxes with custom die cut boxes styles. This type of box is an appropriate choice to display luxurious items in front of the audience. Besides this, we also apply windows cut-outs and add PVC sheets that help to protect items from:

  • heat
  • moisture
  • contamination
  • dirt/germs etc.

On the one hand, this type of box preserves your items, and they showcase items attractively before the clients. On the other hand, the exhibition of items in an attractive manner establishes clients’ trust in your brand’s products, and you become their go-to choice for all their packaging requirements.

Finding Durable Material? Cardboard Printed Stock an Ultimate Choice:

Need sustainable stock? Wish to enhance the shelf life of your items? You can choose us. Our printing material is sustainable and 100% safe for the environment. How cardboard sleeve boxes are a perfect choice? You can select cardboard due to following reasons:

  • Cardboard has the least environmental effects.
  • Cardboard packaging is budget-friendly.
  • It is 100% recyclable; you can reuse packaging for multiple purposes.
  • Cardboard corrugated boxes with extra layers strengthen custom sleeve packaging and prevent items from being damaged.
  • This type of stock is feasible for customization; you can mold paper into any shape and size and use various add-ons.
  • Moreover, it is safe for shipping and storage of sensitive items.

Exceptional Packaging? Use of CMYK and PMS to Produce Breathtaking Prints:

Who does not want to create exceptional box packaging to pack its brand’s items?

The soaring competition in the market has made brands realize to create distinctive sleeve boxes for packing. Boxes printed with dazzling colors manifest the audience. We have made it accessible for you to construct multi-color and stunning color packaging. CMYK and PMS are two distinct color choices that help create enticing color prints.

  1. CMYK
  2. PMS

Avail of Our Wholesale Services with Discounted Offers:

Most brands assume that custom sleeve boxes are more expensive than other boxes. This is not true at all. If you order in large quantities, you can get the advantage of a special allowance and save much of your budget.

Multiservice Packaging Supplier: ICustomBoxes

why choose us? iCustomBoxes has been supplying remarkable services for several years in the USA and Canada. Our talented packaging creators are competent to create customized boxes in all custom designs as you demand in the promised time. Additionally, we do not charge for plates and die-cuts and give free-of-cost design support to our professional designers.

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