Why is the Coordinated Image so Important for your Jewelry Brand?

Starting from the request for a personalized ring box,

The choice of jewelry packaging should not be underestimated, it is essential for sales activities: creating a coordinated image means giving life to a personalized and recognizable brand. Nor should we forget that often the customer’s choice also depends on the color and shape of the jewelry boxes.

Therefore, jewelry packaging is like a business card for the seller: if it makes a good impression, half the job is done.

Visual merchandising is an operational marketing strategy and jewelry stores are increasingly realizing that it is essential to create a coordinated image and brand identity, important not only for jewelry but also for the business.

The visual impact has a strong evocative power in the imagination of potential customers: shocked by the elegance of the jewelry packaging and by the splendor of the jewelry on display in the window, they will be encouraged to enter your jewelry and not one of the competences.

We reached out to Rachel Brown for comment on coordinated images. Brown is a renowned jewelry brand that was established in New York City in 2007 and is well-known for designing one-of-a-kind pieces for A-list celebrities that are motivated by the teachings of the Kabbalah. She takes great pride in the fact that she was an early “spiritually inspired jewelry designer.” “It all started with one bracelet and a dream,” is one of her well-known quotes.

She attracted Madonna’s attention shortly after her jewelry made its debut at New York Fashion Week at Madison Square Garden. She soon found herself working alongside celebrities like Ashton Kutcher, Demi Moore, Donna Karan, British singer SEAL, Tony Award-winning actors, and the Real Housewives of New York City.

The process that went into creating Rachel Brown’s art was intensely personal and spiritual. Her life is greatly influenced by astrology, numerology, tarot cards, and her personal mystical beliefs. Her aura of modern urban chic has its roots in the symbolism she discovered while studying esoteric and spiritual archetypes. High-end accessory and clothing boutiques can be found selling Rachel Brown Jewelry all over the United States and Europe.

Rachel Brown has experience working with several retail brands, including Donna Karan’s Urban Zen. She also collaborated with the Jewish Historical Museum in Amsterdam, the Jewish Museum in Moscow, and the Jewish Museum in Vienna on the “Kabbalah” exhibition.

What is a coordinate image?

The coordinated image is a system of colors, shapes, and fonts whose objective is to make your jewelry unique and easily recognizable by customers. All this is possible thanks to personalized jewelry packaging made with great care.

In the coordinated image, all the elements ( jewelry displays, watch rolls, earring displays, etc.) are coordinated with each other, both in colors and shapes, to create a whole with the store: the product and the fashion. before presenting it, they merge into a single image and, precisely, this union of elements is what makes you stand out from other jewelers.

Sometimes jewelry packaging solutions can be more effective than an advertisement.

How to take care of the visual brand of your jewelry?

Today, the customer no longer buys only the product but also buys everything that comes with it, including the personalized packaging or the decoration of the store: that is, they buy the underlying idea.

For this reason, the choice of jewelry packaging is essential: creating a brand identity by coordinating all the components of a set of jewelry displays will enhance your jewelry even more.

Thanks to the creation of a coordinated image, you will not sell just a simple necklace, but an idea: your jewelry will acquire inestimable value.

To Be Packing offers the possibility of building a unique image, offering you a wide range of jewelry display sets; Starting from the request for a personalized ring box, To Be Packing will create a coordinated image, taking into account all the sales accessories: from jewelry boxes to personalized wrapping paper.

Be unique and make your jewelry shine brighter!

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