When Does A WordPress Site Require VPS Hosting In Malaysia?

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In the blogging world, WordPress is the most popular Content Management System (CMS). Therefore, it is used to build websites due to its better flexibility. 

Therefore, VPS is a type of web hosting service that provides space to online businesses on the Internet. Also, it is the best option for online business owners because it offers better speed and performance, large storage, and support at a cost-effective range. As, it provides complete root access on the server, better scalability, high uptime, advanced security, and other resources. 

Here you will come to know when does a WordPress site require VPS Malaysia?

When does a WordPress site require VPS Hosting in Malaysia?

WordPress site owners may upgrade the hosting from existing hosting to VPS Malaysia. When they are getting several problems that are-

Slow Speed

Speed is the most important for online businesses. If you are experiencing low speed on your existing hosting. Then you must upgrade your WordPress hosting to the VPS Server Malaysia.

Having Security Issues

Security is also a crucial part for websites. If you are suffering from security problems on the shared hosting then you can move to VPS Hosting quickly. It will help you to keep safe and secure your website data on the Internet.

Scale the Business

If your business is growing day by day and you are getting issues with the existing hosting. Then you must upgrade your plan to a Virtual Private Server (VPS).

Install your Own Software

If you want to install your own software and it is not supported by existing hosting, then you can move to VPS Malaysia. As it allows you to configure the settings as per your needs. Also, you can install the software and update the resources in the VPS Hosting.

8 Advantages of VPS Hosting in Malaysia for a WordPress Site

vps malaysia

Affordable Cost

The best thing is that VPS in Malaysia comes at an affordable cost. Also, it is a better option for website owners to grow an online business with the Virtual Private Server.

As it offers high uptime, storage, high network speed, better security, and more resources. Moreover, you will also get complete customer support with the VPS Hosting provider in Malaysia. 

Guaranteed Resources

With VPS Malaysia, you do not have to share the resources with others on the physical server. Therefore, you will get guaranteed resources from the VPS Server provider that includes high uptime, better speed and performance, and large storage and bandwidth. Also, you will get advanced security to secure the data on your website.

High Scalability

You can scale up the resources with the virtual private server in Malaysia. Therefore, you can begin with the minimum plan and then upgrade the resources as per your business requirement. This will help your online business to build customers and perform better. 


You will get a high level of control with VPS Malaysia. Therefore, you can manage the server, edit the files, install the applications, and update the software as per the requirement.

Better Flexibility

Malaysia VPS Hosting provides better control of the resources as compared to shared hosting. Also, it ensures that you have to pay only for the resources that you need for your website. 

Large Storage 

It is the most important feature that VPS Malaysia offers to online businesses. With Virtual Private Server, you will get large storage for your website.

Also, you will get complete access so that you can upgrade the storage as per the requirement. Moreover, it will help your website to load faster and perform better on the browser. This will help you to achieve your goals.

Advanced Security

VPS Server Malaysia comes with advanced security features when compared to Shared Hosting. Under this, you will get firewalls, DDoS protection, and antiviruses to protect your online business from cyber attacks, phishing, and other dangerous threats. 

Therefore, if hackers attack your business then it will automatically detect and destroy the threats or viruses automatically before reaching your website. Moreover, your website speed will not get down due to security issues. It will perform better than earlier on the browser. 

Customer Support

With cheap VPS Hosting Malaysia, you will get complete customer support. Therefore, if you have any problem related to hosting then you can contact the expert IT team via phone calls, email, live chat, and ticket system. They will help you to solve the issue regarding the hosting. 


Above, you have learned about when does a WordPress site require VPS hosting? Therefore, if you are suffering from security problems, speed and performance, scalability, and others then you must upgrade your hosting to VPS Hosting Malaysia. 

Also, it is the most popular web hosting among small and medium businesses. Due to its high network speed, high scalability, full root access, better flexibility, and more.

Moreover, you may choose Serverwala VPS Hosting because it provides better speed and performance, advanced security, 24/7 technical support from the expert IT team, and more at an affordable cost. 

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