Do you want to compare and contrast the latest offerings on the hidive and Crunchyroll? You’ve found the right place; we’ll help you pick the best anime streaming service by providing a detailed comparison of the two. You’ll be able to pick the best anime to watch after reading this blog. Please read on to obtain information and learn all that you can about the HIDIVE COUPON CODE and other streaming services.

Anime streaming has quickly become one of the most popular media consumption habits worldwide. Great psychological thrillers, comedic anime, and other genres all leave you hanging at the end of each episode.


Hidive is a streaming service that lets you watch anime movies and TV shows online. It has anime simulcasts, dubs, and a variety of live-action shows and movies that any anime fan would find interesting. Sentai Holdings, which also runs Sentai Filmworks, runs the streaming platform. It came out in 2017 and is run by Sentai Holdings.

As part of what they call their “targeted streaming strategy,” AMC networks bought Sentai Holdings and HIDIVE PROMO CODE in 2022. In 2021, however, the HIDIVE was part of the VRV streaming bundle that Crunchyroll owned. But now they are no longer together.

Comparing Hidive and Crunchyroll

At the moment, because Crunchyroll has a lot of big shows, HIDIVE isn’t as good as the other anime services as a whole. But yes, there are some things where hidive is proud to have the best anime movies and shows.


Let’s compare the content libraries of hidive and Crunchyroll to determine which is superior.

Crunchyroll is dedicate to providing a vast anime library, which has grown larger and more impressive since the company’s merger with Funimation.

If you’re an anime fanatic, Crunchyroll is where you want to be. HIDIVE, on the other hand, has its own library, though it isn’t nearly as extensive as Crunchyroll’s. Unfortunately, many of the most well-like anime series that used to hosted on Crunchyroll are no longer accessible. When considering this topic, HIDIVE has been instrumental.

Since Sentai Filmworks was purchasing the rights to many popular anime series in March 2022, many of those series left Crunchyroll. Food Wars, Akame Ga Kill, Girls & Panzer, No Game No Life, and a tone of other shows and movies are among those available.

In addition, HIDIVE has a great variety of simulcasts. Summer 2022 anime seasons like “my isekai life” and “call of the night” are among the most popular.


When compared to Crunchyroll, the HIDIVE streaming service is relatively modest. Indeed, some hopefuls have panned by viewers.

Crunchyroll and HIDIVE may offer different shows and movies, but they both use the same video player. Watching the event is very important.

Each and every one of HIDIVE’s devoted audience members can alter the subtitle colour to suit their tastes. Funimation subscribers love this more than anything else. In addition to the episodic content, there are social features like chat rooms.

HIDIVE is unique in that it incorporates Myanimelist, allowing viewers to check the show’s MAL rating without leaving the app.

It’s unfortunate that HIDIVE’s watchlist and continue watching features are the main source of frustration for fans. It can be perplexing to use, which is a letdown for the customers. It seems difficult for you to switch between multiple series at once.


The subscription costs for HIDIVE are less than those of Crunchyroll. A monthly subscription to Crunchyroll is $7.99, but this service can had for only $4.99. Users seeking a less expensive alternative can select HIDIVE.

With a free account on Crunchyroll, you can watch an entire season of a show every week—commercials and all. However, out of concern for their customers, they cut off the option to watch the newest anime without interruptions.

As a result, HIDIVE is a more cost-effective option for maintaining an anime streaming subscription. As an alternative, Crunchyroll claims that their premium service offers more content for the same price.

Compare hidive and Crunchyroll 2022 to find out which streaming service is the best for your needs.

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HIDIVE is a great pick if you’re on the lookout for a certain type of anime. Anyone interested in watching a wide selection of anime should check out HIDIVE. It all comes down to how much and what kind of anime you watch. But there are more and more shows and movies available, so it’s worth it to sign up for a subscription.

If you’re new to anime and want to explore some new series, Crunchyroll is your best bet right now. There are those who prefer to read the subtitles in order to fully appreciate every film or television programme. Crunchyroll has a wide variety of subtitles to choose from, which only amps up the excitement.

Remember that both streaming services charge different amounts each month for membership. Those who want to binge-watch an entire season of a show can always subscribe for a month. Take a look at the various monthly plans and sign up for the one that best suits your needs. If you’re not sure whether Hidive or Crunchyroll is better for you, you can find out by visiting their respective official websites.

HIDIVE is a potential competitor to Crunchyroll beyond just providing access to certain anime, and this needs to be acknowledged.

By not downloading series illegally and instead supporting other anime providers, the overall quality of anime can be raised on all platforms.

If you are unsure, you can try HIDIVE without spending a dime.


  • Provides a unique streaming experience to people all over the world.
  • Including the top names in the business, real-time interaction during episodes, user-editable subtitles, saved searches, and more, this service is sure to please any viewer.
  • Get together with friends and family to discuss and enjoy your favourite television shows and movies.
  • Chromecast, Roku, Xbox One/S/X, and PlayStation 4 are just some of the gaming consoles and media players that are compatible with the iOS and Android platforms.
  • Deliver a growing collection of carefully selected classic animation and live-action films.


  • A wide variety of genres, including but not limited to drama, adventure, music, romance, action, comedy, fantasy, mystery, and science fiction, can be found in the Crunchyroll library.
  • It works with a wide variety of platforms, including Roku, Apple TV, Fire TV, iOS, Android, Xbox One, PS3, PS4, and more.
  • You can access your current watchlists and individual episode pages directly from the homepage.
  • With multiple profiles, Crunchyroll users can more easily organise their queues and make fine-tuned adjustments as necessary.
  • You can pause a show whenever you want and return to it whenever you like.
  • More than 200 countries can get their hands on it. It’s available 24/7 for the convenience of its users.
  • Subscribers get to personalise their experience by picking their favourite characters from TV shows and movies to represent them as avatars and header images.


CrunchyRoll is the best service to use if you only want to use one service, so CRUNCHYROLL COUPONS are a good option. The subtitles are larger and the content is more impressive, plus it’s user-friendly. However, Hidive also has some unique capabilities that can be discussed amongst users. However, it falls short of Crunchyroll’s quality. If you’re interested in reading more about that, you can do so on the official website.

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