What Does a Dental Scientist Do?

BS Dental Sciences

A Career as a Dentist Scientist will entail responsibilities to conduct research on biomedical mechanisms, diagnosis, and therapy, population and outcome medicine, health policy or health services, etc.

BDS Work Nature:

The major function of a dentist is anticipation & treatment of diseases related to the oral cavity, including the floor of the oral cavity, the ‘roof’ of the mouth, teeth, gums, tongue etc. Dentists also perform treatments like tooth extractions and polishing of teeth. 

Educating patients about oral hygiene and suggesting ways to preserve a healthy mouth also comes under the category of the jobs of dentists. Basically dentists encourage patients to take good care of teeth so they can prevent cavities and other gum diseases.

Dental surgeons or dentists identify, cure, and prevent diseases related to the mouth. The color of a person’s tongue, their breath, and other factors are indicators of alarming diseases. It is important to maintain oral hygiene to be presentable, and it increases confidence too. Consuming calcium is important for stronger teeth. 

A visit to the dentist is crucial right from birth till you’re 60 years old. As kids, gum health, exposure of teeth, falling off of milk teeth, and growth of permanent teeth from making dentures as senior citizens to continue eating delicious food is possible only because of dentists. The above-mentioned list of online dental courses will help you excel in your career.

Jobs for BDS graduates in Pakistan

Dentists are in high demand. Hospitals all across the country require professional dentists. In fact, BDS can create their own jobs. They only have to open up private clinics. In fact, many dentists choose this route. Many work together and open their private health care practices.

Bachelor of Dental surgery offers various career options. Over the years, medicine has become vast, providing job opportunities in the private sector as well. The majority of the colleges provide opportunities in private hospitals and dental healthcare dental centers.

Dentists are also given jobs at government hospitals based on their results of the entrance exam. The employment area has expanded with time which provides the students with a variety of positions to explore.  The degree offers options such as working in research institutes, pharmaceutical companies, hospitals, educational institutes, dental products manufacturers, dental equipment manufacturers, dental clinics, and even practicing privately. 

Students expect a rise in employment opportunities in the near future. The reason being that there has been a fast increase in the number of dental patients as well as doctors and the government aims at providing better job opportunities to dentists by increasing the employment opportunities. 

The degree also gives you the option to choose a specific job profile, such as being a private practitioner, dental lab technician, medical representative, sales representative, dental surgeon, professor, oral pathologist, public health specialist, dental assistant, consultant, and dental hygienist. The following are the top jobs for BDS graduates in Pakistan:

  • Dentist offices in government hospitals
  • Lecturers and professors at teaching hospitals
  • Health care advisors in private sectors
  • Senior dentists at private clinics
  • Orthodontics (deals with braces)
  • Pediatric dentistry (specialize in children teeth care)
  • Prosthodontist (work in companies and clinics to make artificial teeth)
  • Oral pathologists (diagnose diseases that affect the mouth. These specialists sit in the labs and medical companies. These are specialists.)
  • Army dentists (work in the armed forces)
  • Research (work as a research scholar)

Is a Dentist a Good Paying Job?

Not only is dentistry in demand right now, but also is highly paying. The dental profession has truly taken the phrase “Put your money where your mouth is” literally because dentistry has ranked in the top 20 highest paying professions list for many consecutive years.

BDS salary in Pakistan

BDS salary in Pakistan ranges from Rs. 45,000 to Rs. 60,000 per month. This is the salary after graduation. However, specialists make more money. Read more here!

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