What are the amazing and easy Short Layered Hairstyles?

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Short layered haircuts are ear-to-neck length haircuts with short top layers and longer bottom layers to provide shape and volume. Trending short hairstyles mainly include pixie and bob cuts with multiple layers. Multi-layered haircuts offer texture, richness, and dimension to short hair, ideal for people with hair extensions for thin hair. Short hair is often used as an alternative to cut down the maintenance and care routine.

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Short layered hairstyles are currently quite popular in the fashion and beauty industries! They can be a little fiery, a little sultry, a little sweet, or stylish! This article will provide you a look at 18 distinct types of fashionable short-layered hairstyles!

Simple Layered Pixie with Bangs

Try this stunning choppy pixie for a style that is both youthful and ageless at the same time. This style is the ideal blend of tousled and sleek layers. You can smooth it back for an evening appearance or use a texturizing product to achieve a bedhead effect. The lengthy, side-swept bangs are perfect for adding dimension to your hair. It’s all about the shape in this classy short look. When coupled with the beautiful small sideburn pieces, the forehead-skimming bangs create a classy short hair look.

The Soft Layered Bob

The soft layered short bob is stunning! The soft feathery layers are lovely and refined while being modern and trendy. A razored yet soft layered bob like this one will express your stylish sense. This is the best haircut to show your styling skill without making it look like you have spent a lot of time on it. 

Bob with Highlighted Top Layers

Don’t overlook short layered hair since it is fun, versatile, and sensual. The edge is amplified by blunt ends, while tousled layers add the volume. A blonde balayage will brighten it considerably. Don’t be afraid to color the top layers with brighter hues. You will achieve sweet two-toned hair with natural dark roots. Why do you think celebrities like Jennifer Lawrence and Kristen Stewart wear this haircut on TV shows? Simply because it is the trendiest and most fashionable hairstyle right now!

The Deep Undercut Pixie

DO you want a daring look with short hair? this is it! A deep undercut pixie oozes out your carefree confident inner side. Flirty layers transform your ordinary pixie to a super elegant haircut. The look is full of volume and movement, and it has a lot of personalities. It’s still incredibly feminine and sweet, even though it’s a pretty short haircut. The deep undercut adds a mysterious tomboyish feel to a feminine layered pixie.

The Messy Platinum Pixie 

It is more than okay to go messy with your short hair. You might have heard a lot about messy long layered hair, but here we give you the ultimate messy short hair. Without the teased and messy layers, this layered hairstyle wouldn’t be quite that vibrant and lively. The flyaways and untidy appearance are both strategic and fashionable. one thing that makes this hairstyle more complicated is the artistic use of platinum shade. Darker roots ending into silvery platinum-colored ends pair smoothly with a sweet flow. 

Tapered Pixie with Messy Layers

Short layered hair is a good choice if you want something adorable and low-maintenance layered hairstyle. The tapered haircut, one of the trademark hairstyles of Ruby rose, never goes out of style. Instead many women come up with creatively altered layers. It’s a very fashionable length that’s easy to wear with a side-swept fringe. Don’t worry about the length because the messy layers will be enough to get compliments.

Short Pixie with Side Bangs

Sometimes simple things like hair bangs can play an important role in making your short hair stunning. A short pixie cut with jagged layers puts your hair in the right spot to achieve a lovely and uncomplicated look. Side-swept hair bangs are a great way to keep your hair in place while also framing your face.

Wavy Balayage Layers

Apart from layers, hair color is one of the best ways to amplify your short hair look. Highlights add a modern touch to the layered hair while emphasizing the curls and waves. Don’t just depend on layers to make your style shine – add a balayage hair color. You will see the magic of balayage hair on your short hair!

Tousled Black Bob with Bangs

Take your naturally black hair to the next level with multiple layers and hair bangs. It is a simple and pleasant way to show off your healthy black hair. Let some flyaways spring up randomly to give your short black bob a messy carefree look. For any hair length, tousled layers are always an intelligent idea to show off your natural texture. Don’t worry about your strands jumping here and there a little – they will make you look even better. Just focus on framing your face with side locks and bangs. 

The Inverted Blonde Bob

An inverted bob with short layers is the ultimate gateway to building up the volume at the back. If you feel that your short hair lacks volume, this is the short layered hairstyle for you! Apart from that most of the senior women prefer this hairstyle to achieve a youthful lookIt is a timeless hairstyle for both young and senior women.

The Side-Parted Stacked Pixie

A short haircut with stacked layers is a fashionable approach to draw attention to your hair’s volume. The tapered pixie with stacked spiky layers on one side of your face and a deep side parting attracts attention. Brunette and black hair color suit this style best, but you can go for color as long as you know what is best for you.

The Asymmetrical Pixie Cut

Short hair that is cut asymmetrical always achieves a dazzling look. A soft layered fringe and silver color make the haircut enticing and bright. Make sure your fringe is longer than the hair at the sides and back. This is the perfect hairstyle to show your beautiful fringe with plenty of volumes.

The Shaggy Bronde Pixie

To give your short, layered bob some extra volume and height, add multiple layers at the crown and front.  Then add a brown tone with faint blonde highlights to the multilayered haircut. The layers look amazing when they are shagged up a little bit with your fingers.

The Feathered Pixie Cut

Short layered hairstyles provide you a lot of flexibility to play around with. The short pixie hairstyle is a bold choice and sometimes may look tomboyish in others’ eyes. If you want to avoid appearing boyish, feathered layers will add femininity. The wispy feathers make you look cute instead.

The Textured Blunt Bob 

Want to wear an effortless, low-maintenance style? The chin-length blunt bob is what you need. The shaggy texture adds all the style and achieves a sophisticated look. However, it is simple and very low maintenance. Just remember to trim the ends regularly – whenever you feel like the edgy blunt is being covered by outgrowth of hair, visit a salon or use a pair of scissors to balance them.

Fiery Red Layers

Every woman is tempted by the fiery red-colored hair once in their lifetime. probably almost all women try red shades at some point. Fire-engine red color oozes with a sultry classic look. Try the color with your short hair; you will not regret it!

The Choppy Boyish Pixie

Nobody is sure about why women fall for a boyish haircut, but still, many of them love it. Celebrities, schoolchildren, and older women love the boyish haircut. Perhaps it is because of the low maintenance, or maybe it is a trend!

Layered Curly Hair

Having naturally curly hair is a fortune. You just have to know the right way to play with them. Even the shortest hair looks so glamorous when they have enough edginess. You can achieve the best edgy look on short hair by simply adding multiple layers. Trust me, you will never shy away because of your short hair when you know how to style them. 

Layered Long Pixie Cut

If you are always late for school or work, go short with your hair extensions. You will never be late for any program.  Pixie and bob cuts are your best way to save time early in the morning. But if you have any special event in school or office, add layers to your long pixie cut. This will help you achieve a refreshing look.

Blunt Bob with Soft Waves

To amplify the look of your blunt bob, create delicate layers – don’t over do it! Super-light waves add loads of cuteness to your blunt bob! 


Finally, we are through with the collection of trending short-layered hairstyles. There are plenty of short hairstyles that you can find on the internet. and sometimes more choices confuse us to pick one. That is why we have funneled 18 amazing short layered hairstyles to help you choose better. Some styles may not be a piece of cake or friendly for you, but sure there are a few that can be your upcoming. So, try them and find the one that is meant for you!

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