Website Security Check Tools in 2022

Website Security Check Tools in 2022

Are you aware of the tools that can help you check website security? If not, then you should start using them now. The web has become an integral part of our lives. People access the Internet from their smartphones or laptops and want secure websites. They also expect websites to load faster and provide a better user experience.

 Hackers are constantly looking for ways to steal information. But with the increase in popularity comes a rise in cybercrime. And since hackers can easily break into your website, you need to take extra precautionary measures to prevent it. To combat these threats, web developers are developing new technologies to improve the security of websites.

Top 5 Web Security Tools

Are you worried about someone hacking into your site and stealing valuable data or, even worse, ruining your reputation? If so, then now might be the time to start using some of these tools for website security. In addition to being able to detect potential problems before they happen, these tools can also monitor key performance metrics such as uptime, speed, and SSL/TLS encryption.

The Internet has become an invaluable resource for both personal and professional endeavors. Still, it has opened up new avenues for malicious actors who wish to disrupt user experiences and steal sensitive information. With over 20 billion websites currently operating worldwide, hackers have become a serious threat to businesses and individuals alike.

 By utilizing security software, websites can prevent attacks by monitoring their network traffic and detecting vulnerabilities before they occur. These tools allow organizations to secure their sites from cyberattacks without slowing web traffic or compromising privacy. Here is the list of tools you can check web security

1- Netsparker

It is a robust cybersecurity detector that can find potential flaws in your web applications. With its visual dashboard, the platform gives you an overview of all your websites, applications, and found vulnerabilities on a single screen. Also, It lets you put security technology into every step of the SDLC process.

It uses advanced crawling and a combination of DAST and IAST scanning to look for vulnerabilities in every part of your web asset.

The platform also uses “Proof-Based Scanning. It is an accessible, read-only environment before it is finally reported. It makes sure that developers don’t waste time on false positives.

Netsparker’s dashboard is also easy to use, giving users graphs that show threats and their assigned threat levels. Therefore, an affordable book marketing services agency tells developers whether a found vulnerability is a high, reasonable, or low-security risk. It lets them decide how to respond.

2- Detectify

Ethical hackers like Detectify because it is one of the best tools to check the security of a website. Detectify is a security service for both domains and web applications. It also has automated security and monitoring.

It can find thousands of weak spots on your website that hackers could use to do damage. This tool can scan for vulnerabilities like S3 Bucket, CORS, OSWAP Top 10, DNS Misconfigurations, etc.

 Detectify keeps an eye on the subdomains all the time to find hostile takeovers and lets users know about any suspicious activity.

There are three different price plans: Starter, Enterprise, and Professional. It also lets you try it out for free for 14 days with a credit card so you can see how it works with your website. Here are some of the many things you can do with Detectify:

 Find out more about what you don’t know to realize the attack surface.

  • The tech-stacking fingerprint tells you about the technology on your site.
  • Tracking your public assets on a map to find the weak spots so you can protect sensitive information.

3- Acunetix

Acunetix is a powerful website security scanner that can quickly and accurately find vulnerabilities in web pages, apps, and applications.

The platform is known for being able to find over 7,000 vulnerabilities accurately, the most common of which are SQL injections, XSS, misconfigurations, and more. Its “Advanced Macro Recording” feature makes it easy to scan complex forms with multiple levels and pages that require a password.

Acunetix also makes sure to verify a found vulnerability before reporting it. It saves time that would have been spent dealing with false positives. You can also plan your scans to start automatically at a specific date and time.

4- Pentest tools

Pentest tools is a webpage security testing tool that comes with a set of different tools that can be used to check your website security.

It has good services for gathering information, testing CMS, testing web applications, testing SSL, testing infrastructure, etc., all needed to find problems on your site. This tool makes it easy to find common vulnerabilities in web application issues.

A light version of the tool is included, but it can only be used for active web security scanning. You can quickly look for vulnerabilities like an insecure HTTP header, old server software, a poor security cookie setting, and many others.

5- App Check

It takes weakness scanning to the next level by checking each layer of your organization’s key IT power grid for weaknesses, programming errors, and website security holes. Since experts in penetration testing made it, it works like a routine penetration test to cover a wider range of possible flaws.

Rather than just sending alerts based on a database of known security flaws, it uses “first principles” to find security flaws. This tool will help a lot and make it easy for everyone. These solutions provide a safe browsing experience and prevent hackers from accessing sensitive data.


The number of websites hacked daily has increased over the last decade. That means hackers gained access to millions of accounts and stole personal information from millions of individuals.

The good news is that there are now free tools that allow anyone to check their site security without having to hire a professional. These web apps can scan your entire site for potential vulnerabilities and alert you of any issues. They also provide detailed recommendations on how to fix them.

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