Industry executives stated at the Future of Business Events Virtual Summit on December 9, 2021 that the business events sector would be crucial to New Zealand’s resurgence as a tourist destination and that despite restricted borders, there is still a strong desire to meet there.

The event was organized by Business Events Industry Aotearoa and featured more than 430 industry professionals (BEIA).

According to BEIA CEO Lisa Hopkins, the subject of the summit is “Rally, Rebuild and Restart” and follows an unprecedented two years in which the sector underwent a forced metamorphosis.


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Opening the international border virtual summit

Opening the international border was crucial to the future development of the industry.

According to Lisa Hopkins and Bjoern Spritzer, general manager Domestic and Business Events at Tourism New Zealand.

The longer the stringent border controls, such as the seven-day quarantine, were in place, they expected a gradual and delayed recovery.

According To the Speakers,

Tourism New Zealand data revealed a rise in the country’s readiness to virtual summit bids for conferences, and that New Zealand’s current issue was to remain visible in international markets.

“Beia will be looking at alternatives to remove the MIQ obstacle at the border to support this and present to Government and officials. Everyone agrees that visitor and community health and safety are top priorities, Hopkins added.

“In tandem with that work, it is acknowledged that the local market will continue to be important. As a sector, it is our responsibility to keep local event planners and agencies interested and motivated with fresh ideas and exciting locations.

“The virtual Summit aimed to provide a feeling of controlled optimism, ensuring that our sector remains future-focused. Customers from other countries confirmed what Tourism New Zealand had said, saying that New Zealand is still a very popular travel destination. Hopkins stated, “I hope our audience left feeling motivated and hopeful.

A prognosis made during the Summit by BEIA, which is consistent with a previous study by the Global Business Travel Association, predicts that the New Zealand business events industry would return to pre-Covid levels by the end of 2024. (GBTA).

Business Travel Is A Reliable Indicator

“Business travel is a reliable indicator, and levels fell by 54%. The amount spent on business events in New Zealand has decreased by 73% since 2019, from $1.5 billion two years ago to NZ$400 million (US$271 million) in 2021.

“Our forecasting considers open borders with vaccinations will still play a role, the opening of exciting new infrastructure.

Tee Pae Christchurch this month and NZICC in Auckland convention centers – and Australians choosing to stay a little closer to their region.

” The statement reads (Oceania and Asia). Domestic business will begin to go offshore, but will be supplemented by higher-value foreign tourists who return, according to Hopkins.

Domestic Corporate Virtual Summit

However, there is more latitude for domestic corporate gatherings going forward now that New Zealand is operating, as long as guests are immunized. Event planners will also be able to employ a technology called rapid antigen testing, according to Hopkins.

In order to establish a manual for secure meetings under the new Covid-19 Protection Framework, BEIA collaborated closely with the government (CPF).

Celebrity Speakers

Celebrity Speakers NZ, Tourism New Zealand Business Events, and event and media business Uno Loco all provided assistance for the virtual Summit. Which was live-streamed from a media studio at Auckland’s Aotea Centre.

Joe Davis, the event’s organizer, entrepreneur, and author, moderated a panel of experts from the international, Australian, and domestic markets who discussed their predictions for 2022.

The part New Zealand will play in it. Going forward, managing participant welfare will be the top focus for event organizers, they declared.

ADDITIONALLY, he will moderate a panel of experts from the international, Australian, and domestic markets who will discuss their predictions for 2022 and the position New Zealand will play.

Sir Ian Taylor, another keynote speaker, will share some amusing tales and helpful tips for the virtual summit corporate events industry as New Zealand begins to re-engage with the rest of the globe. Taylor is from his own MIQ.

We will learn more about the atmosphere and the likely setting for business events over the course of the next 12 months from this group of specialists. According to Hopkins, we want to leave the industry feeling motivated and equipped with a toolkit of useful abilities and creative solutions.

Events in Business in the Future There will be a virtual summit from NZT 2 pm until

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