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Bohemian fashion is all about embracing your free spirit through expressive clothing. Look for light and airy fabrics like cotton, linen, bamboo, cruelty-free silk, and jute when shopping for your boho style wardrobe.

Skip synthetic fibers, which contribute to the release of plastic microfibers into our water systems and oceans. Choose natural fibers like organic cotton, linen, and jute.

Long and Flowing Dresses

Bohemian Style Boutique is a fun and creative style that allows women to express themselves through their clothing. It’s usually defined by long, flowing silhouettes paired with casual accessories that feature spirited details like embroidery, tassels, fringe, and floral prints.

Bohemian style looks great on almost everyone, and you don’t need a Fifth Avenue budget to pull it off. Shop your local flea market or secondhand store to find bohemian-inspired pieces that show off your artistic and free-spirited side.

Add boho vibes to your everyday look with a long, flowy maxi dress. Pair it with a straw hat and sunglasses for a chic, off-the-shoulder outfit that’s perfect for Sunday brunch or running errands. Top your look with a patterned open front woven and a shearling vest to instantly upgrade any ensemble.

Pants and Skirts

The boho look is defined by relaxed and flowing clothing that doesn’t constrict you. Maxi dresses and skirts, comfortable loose tunics, peasant blouses with embroidery or lace detailing, and floral print tops are all great choices that work well with the bohemian aesthetic.

Natural fabrics like cotton, chiffon, hemp, wool, linen, and cruelty-free silk are all good choices for bohemian style. Earthy hues like rust, olive, mustard, and deep blues are also popular for bohemian apparel, too.

For a cool fall look, layer a kimono jacket or a poncho over your bohemian dress or frock. Warm shearling vests are another great option that can add a distinctly bohemian rocker vibe to your outfit. Pair them with jeans or a long skirt for an eclectic mix of textures and styles.


In the world of fashion, bohemian style represents a free-spirited and non-conformist attitude. It’s a great style for expressing your creativity, and it’s also more comfortable to wear than other styles.

If you’re in love with this style, it’s easy to bring it into your home with fun bohemian decor. For example, try a crystal sun catcher or a woven basket with natural beads and feathers to create a bohemian vibe.

Nurture your inner artist with the bohemian t-shirt that encourages you to “find the beauty in chaos.” This crop top is made with a lightweight blend of 52% combed and ring-spun cotton and 48% polyester for comfort while wearing. Its unique printed design reflects the spirited nature of bohemian fashion, featuring floral patterns and tribal art inspirations.


The bohemian style is full of unique fabrics that aren’t commonly found in other fashion types. From silk and cotton to lace and embroidery, these materials create a laid-back look that is perfect for those who love to express their free spirit through their fashion.

Add a touch of warmth to your wardrobe with a boho-style sweater or cardigan. Choose from unique designs, like tassels or bell sleeves, as well as standout details, such as a woven pattern. You can even find ponchos, which work great for layering during the colder months.

Dress up a simple maxi dress with vintage-inspired accessories. A crochet open front woven, for example, will instantly upgrade your casual outfit with boho-chic flair.


Bohemian style is about expressing your free-spirited side and making fashion your own. It doesn’t mean you need to dress like a hippie or live as a gypsy, but it does include elements such as macrame (think wall hangings and cat beds) and audacious jewelry.

Try a woven necklace or bracelet with beads or stones to add a natural element to your outfit. Dangly earrings and oversized sunglasses also complement your boho look.

Reformation carries a wide variety of laid-back, feminine, bohemian clothes and dresses. They even have bohemian wedding dresses and bridesmaids dresses. They carry brands such as Free People, Spell Designs, Auguste, and Cleobella. They are also known for their sustainable clothing lines.

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