Four Ways to Make Unassailable Custom Soap Boxes


1. Create a strong base with durable material:

The base of custom packaging is a durable material. If it’s cheap in quality, all your money will be wasted. Also, the less durable box does not last long. And printed design does not look attractive on it. Therefore, it’s the first step in customization to select durable material. But for that purpose, you need a reliable packaging solution which we are. We provide you with unbeatable quality material boxes for soap packaging.  Our cardboard and kraft material boxes are perfect for soap packaging in terms of durability and cost. Moreover, they are eco-friendly and recyclable.

2. Make a 100% brawny surface with laminations and coatings:

We do laminations and coating on the custom soap boxes for incompatible durability. They work as an extra layer of protection and help intensify the box’s appearance. Also, the lamination or coating seals the printed design on the custom box. Due to that, the printing ink does not spread over the box. Moreover, the box remains safe from scratching, wrinkling, fingerprints, and humidity.

Laminations and coatings options for custom soap boxes:

a. Matte lamination:

If you want a light natural custom soap box to apply matte lamination. We suggest you use that for darker shades like black, red, purple, and brown boxes lamination. Because matte lamination balances the darker shades due to its luster property.

b. Gloss lamination:

For glossy, shiny surfaces which grab all the attention on display, apply gloss lamination. It also increases the vibrancy of darker shades due to shiny glare. But it is non-environment friendly, like matte lamination.

c. Aqueous coating:

The aqueous coating is solvent-based and is applied by heating the whole custom box. It gives matte and glosses both effects. And it is 100% environmentally friendly and can be easily recycled. Also, it is low in price than laminations.

3.  Make the custom soap box attractive with an elegant design:

For attractive packaging, iCustom boxes allow choosing your favorite design and color. We will craft that for you with the help of our design experts’ team. And for color shading, we have PMS and CMYK color schemes. You can choose yourself from these coloring schemes. Both are mind-blowing for ideal shading. But PMS gives you infinite color-making options in comparison with CMYK.

4.  Use iCustom boxes alluring add-ons for exclusive appearance:

After designing, you can give it an alluring finding with the help of our add-on options. We give you full authority to choose any of them. You don’t need to go into deep enhancements for regular soap packaging. But if you want to do something extra to create a difference and for an exclusive look, you can use

a. Embossing and debossing:

These enhancements can be used for detailing the brand logo or design. The text elevates with the help of embossing. If you don’t want elevation, use debossing. It gives a pressed look. If you want a sparkling effect, use hot stamp foiling. It can be combined with debossing and embossing. You can also use it to highlight the designs. Most people use silver and gold shades because they are premium and have costly effects. Besides that, you can use other shades like copper, grey, red, blue, etc.

b. Die-cut window:

The die-cut style can also be used for regular soap packaging. If the soaps have different colors, you can show them off in the shop display with its help. For a more pleasing effect, you can craft it in different shapes like the moon, stars, oval hexagons, etc. The hot stamp foiling can also be used for detailing the die-cut borders in exclusive packaging. You can use PMS and CMYK color schemes for regular custom white soap boxes.

c. Custom cardboard and kraft inserts:

Keep custom inserts in if you want to give a pleasing look to the custom soap box with a die-cut window. They will help to keep soaps in an aesthetically pleasing position. Also, there is the possibility of cracking the star and heart shapes soaps inside the box. But with the help of custom inserts, they will be immobile and still at their place. Moreover, you can print custom inserts in different shades in order to make them more awful and pretty.

Few reasons why we are the best options for your business.

  • We always dispatch your order on time due to happy customer policy.
  • Our rates are more economical than other famous packaging brands. Also, we don’t charge extra like others.
  • We provide you with raw and specified sampling kits for satisfaction before proceeding with wholesale orders.
  • We use advanced digital and offset printing methods for proceeding with your orders.
  • iCustom boxes provide you with complimentary advice regarding customization throughout all processes.
  • Our payment methods are secure and 100% verified. You can freely confirm your orders on our webpage.

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