Betfred Launch In South Africa – Including UK 49’s and Lucky Numbers

Are you current on the latest developments in South Africa’s betting industry? This update relates to one of the biggest gaming companies worldwide, and that’s the British company Betfred that recently acquired.

We believed it would be beneficial to provide you with an overview to help you decide on the best betting options available to South African players.


Who are ‘Betfred’ and ‘Betting World’?

Bookmaker Betfred is an UK company based in the UK that Fred Done founded a few years ago, back in the year 1967. The company that started out as one store grew into a huge empire that might have reported revenues that exceed $10 billion. Do some quick calculations and you’ll find that, at exchange rates of 2022 it’s about R200 billion!!

Now, this mighty gaming firm is now operating in South Africa too.

Betfred’s entry in its entry into the South African gambling industry is through Betting World. The brand was introduced to the scene of betting in 2006 in 2006 and it is one of the subsidiary companies of Phumelela. Phumelela is an established racetrack and betting company which, until the beginning of January 2021 was listed in the JSE.

Through the years, Betting World grew as an online bookmaker, and also had several sportsbooks in the nation. The fans knew them for their amazing betting lines for sporting picks that everyone liked.

What Exactly Happened Between Betfred and Betting World South Africa?

The global lockdowns have certainly affected brands such as Phumelela. In the end, the company had to go through a rescue plan for its business, to settle debts in excess of $300 million.

According to Betfred’s viewpoint they’ve been aiming to join the betting industry in Africa for a long time. As per Phil Siers, Betfred’s Chief Commercial Officer, the company is keen to invest in Africa.

In 2022, Betfred is a brand on South Africa. South African market, thanks to the acquisition of Betting World.

There are reports that the deal included a sum of approximately PS6.1 millions (around R120 million). However, the parties haven’t disclosed the exact amount as of this writing.

Are these good Or Bad News for South Africans?

It’s good that a brand from outside the country has a prominent part within South Africans’ online gambling experience?

Experts claim that this is the case, as it provides a wealth of possibilities for residents. In the end, they provide many options for betting activities, such as live lottery, sports betting, or horse races.

Additionally, many would see the UK as the source for the popular 49’s lotto gambling… and it’s now a well-known brand that is active in the South African scene, that offers more betting options and, hopefully, better odds.

There are those who believe Betfred is the UK’s main service provider in the field of lotto betting. What UK players enjoyed, South Africans can now possibly also benefit from. Also, more international gaming standards could be available to SA.

How Does This Affect You?

Anyone who is interested in these changes can take a peek at the new site. On comparison sites as well as platform for resource like Bet49s, you’ll be able to take advantage of the incredible odds offered by this world-renowned brand to take into consideration.

Betfred Launch–What to Look Forward to

If you’re looking to figure out how you’ll make use of the advantages offered by Betfred in SA Here are some suggestions to think about.

>> Better 49s Lotto Odds–We Hope

First of all, don’t believe that a new international brand will always be the most effective. This is precisely why a platform such as Bet49s.co.za is so useful.

We’re hoping that the brand will be able to impress the new customers. Also, be sure to keep an eye out for us, as we’re hoping they’ll offer better odds for the 49s lotto soon.

>> Wide Range of Lucky Numbers

If you’re looking to increase the excitement of your betting online then the Betfred platforms are a great location to start. They have a wide selection of choices, which includes lots of lotteries you can choose from.

>> The Unique Nifty Fifty

One of the most popular games within The UK can be found in the Nifty Fifty lottery. It offers five draws per day. It’s the idea by Betfred the owner Fred Done. It’s not available anywhere else on the SA platform. We’ll need to wait and determine if Fred will bring this PS5 million Nifty Fifty jackpot to South Africa (its currently available to UK as well as Irish customers)

>> Famously Favourable Offers

One of the main reasons Betfred is so well-known within the UK is because customers trust they will offer attractive deals. While they’re a huge well-established brand, they are still able to provide customers are treated with respect. From special promotions to the odds you’ll be able to love There’s plenty to love about the Betfred method of gambling.

Some of the deals that are worth a try are:

R50 Bonus for signing up: Currently, Betfred gives new customers a R50 bonus to sign up. The bonus will be deposited within your Bonus Wallet and you can access it via your Desktop on the internet or your mobile. It should show within two days of signing up. Also, be sure to make use of it within the first month so that it won’t run out. You must play the Welcome Bonus with a single wager and will be eligible for the maximum payout of R500.

A $50 Refer-a-Friend Bonus: Account holders are eligible to claim an incentive to refer a friend that is R50. There are some requirements and you must check the small details. For one factor, make sure you submit the claim within two days from the date your friend opened the account.

You can stay up-to the minute about special promotions including the Triple Deposit Bonus on the promotions page.


Perhaps Betfred joining in the SA betting market will bring an exciting new look to the sector? It’s too early to tell, but we wish all those involved the most success.

The most important thing we’d like to relay to all of our customers is to place bets that you can manage to. The lottery betting experience should always be enjoyable.

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