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Though diamonds are known to be a girl’s bestie and a classic choice for rings, colored gemstones have become the latest trend. Choosing colored gemstones for rings is a fresh take that every wearer will like. Most of the colored sparklers in trend are beautiful and unique. Whether it is a business meeting or a cocktail party, gemstone rings have the glory in them to make things go smoothly. There are hundreds of gemstone rings available these days. It is vital to choose one that you will like. So, we have listed the most trending gemstone rings here: 

Amethyst Rings 

A popular and pretty alternative to diamond, amethyst makes attractive gemstone rings. It comes in colors ranging from lavender to purple. With no cleavage planes and hardness of 7, they are hard to break or scratch. Both dark purple and light lavender amethyst stone rings have their aficionados. They make very beautiful silver amethyst rings. This gemstone with a symbolic connection to calming passion is a great choice for rings. It represents a love ready ring for a deeper and enduring commitment. 


Those who want a completely different kind of gemstone ring can consider an opal ring. Opal displays an exclusive optical phenomenon called color play. Opals are also known to show many vibrant, different body colors and unusual patterns with creative descriptions such as harlequin and floral. When set properly, whether surrounded by complementary stones or mounted alone, opals look exceptional in engagement rings. The opal ring you chose should not look like anybody else’s. 


Looking for a royal gemstone ring? The “Jewel of Kings” can be the perfect option for you. They come in stunning greens from lighter to darker shades. Emeralds have a hardness of 8. Hence, they can resist scratching but they require special care. Choosing an emerald ring takes extra effort. Their rarity and stunning color makes them a prized option for gemstone rings. If you want to buy an emerald ring from a Wholesale Gemstone Jewelry store, reach us at Bibelot Jewel for the best quality emerald rings. 


Moldavtite, the ever-green gemstone, is a trending gemstone to have in your jewelry collection. It is an amazing gemstone for rings. It comes in variations of green from olive green to forest green color. It can be translucent or transparent. Wearing Modavite rings get positive vibes to the wearer and protects the person from evil eyes. So, it has become the most-liked and must-have gemstone to have in your gemstone jewelry rings collection. Moreover, meditating with this gemstone lets you reach the highest level of spirituality.  Wearing a Modavite ring can help you fulfil your imaginations, especially when starting a new venture. 


Sapphire is known as a gemstone of royalty. Although associated with blue color popularly, sapphires are available in every hue. Moreover, these stones show pleochroism, based on their viewing angles. A few rare specimens also change their color, based on their light source. With 9 on the hardness scale, sapphires are one of the hardest non-diamond gems. Sapphires are an outstanding stone for rings. 


Larimar is a unique gemstone known for its rare properties. These gemstones denote the sky and water and it is different from other gemstones because of their remarkable properties. It is a desirable stone as it comes in a deep blue color with white bubbles over the surface. Wearing a larimar ring can be quite beneficial for people. It helps decrease their pressure and workload, letting the wearer complete their work without fail
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