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Tradesman insurance

No matter how experienced and professional a tradesman you are, accidents can happen in life. Whether you are working on a construction site or property. Having suitable tradesman insurance can provide comprehensive cover against any injury or damage sustained on the job. We quote good policies on all important forms of tradesman’s insurance, from public and product liability to legal costs and financial costs generally rolled into one comprehensive automatic cover.

What is public liability insurance?

When you are working on a job there are some major risks to you and other tradespeople but also to the public. But, much care is taken to manage risks and make a working area safe, there is a chance that an accident might happen. Public liability insurance is basically designed to cover you and your business against claims for injury or damage, from clients or members of the public.

Why do you need public liability insurance?

It is something you should consider carefully. For any tradesman, it is necessary to assess how much of a risk their type of work poses to clients and members of the public. Whether clients or the public are on your premises, or if you are working on theirs, it is necessary to think about the types of claims that could be made against your business or you. Could your business afford to pay a likely significant claim? Self-employed public liability insurance can provide you peace of mind in knowing that your business is covered in the event of a claim.

What is the cost of public liability insurance?

We understand that cost is an important factor to consider mainly for small businesses which is why we keep our insurance premiums competitive. Our goal is to keep tradesmen covered against the type of risk that could possibly stop them from trading. The cost of an insurance policy depends on a number of factors including the size of your business and what trade you do.

What will be covered by public liability insurance?

Public liability insurance will cover the following. Kindly note that the amount you are covered for will differ on your policy.

  • Compensation payments for third-party damage or injury
  • Cover for medical charges for third-party
  • Medical fees while you defend claims
  • Repairs of property

The tradesman public liability insurance experts

Using our years of experience in providing tradesman cover, we are helping small businesses all over the country find the right policy to meet their requirements. Legal expenses insurance and accidental death coverage, are both included for free on all our policies along with exclusive liability covers such as products liability insurance and employer’s liability insurance, we have become one of the UK’s most trusted providers of insurance for tradespersons.

Our cheap, easy liability insurance is ideal for self-employed tradesmen, professionals, and sole traders alike. With some of the lowest rates on the market, we are able to help small to large-scale construction companies get the best deal on their insurance too. Get your insurance quote online and enjoy quick cover from the moment you purchase. No worry, no inconvenience just good insurance that works as hard as you do.

Tradesman public liability insurance

When you are looking for insurance, choosing the cheapest quote you can find may look like the simplest option but not all insurance policies are created equal when it comes to tradesman insurance. Getting the right coverage helps to know more about what each company includes. The term public liability insurance is often thrown around. It is the backbone of any tradesman insurance policy covering a large range of claims involving third-party injury or property damage. Importantly, it protects you against claims made by both your customers and members of the public.

Particularly customized insurance for a large range of trades

It is not just tradesmen who can benefit from our policies. We are providing comprehensive cover to workers across a large variety of industries and some jobs. Our insurance policies can benefit all types of occupations whether you are a journalist or florist looking for good insurance cover. We are experts in providing insurance policies for every professional, no matter the line of work they are working in. If your career may find you in potentially difficult conditions no matter if you are a party planner. Tradesman Saving can provide customized insurance policies customized to your requirements for when you need them the most.

Why do tradespersons need insurance?

Whether you are a one-man band with an established firm that has been around for many years, your business requirements are to be protected in case of theft, accidents, or damage. Because if you are not, you risk losing money and putting your business at a big risk.

But it is about more than just comfort. Having good protection in place is all about professionalism which sends a clear message to your clients and your staff too. And should things go unexpectedly, getting back to business quickly keeps jobs on track for your clients and your importance unchanged? 

Tradesman insurance from simple insurance solution

You are the person who makes things happen. You are never off, traveling between jobs and working, long hours to help people solve their leaky taps or faulty electrics. Your hands are full all the time and you certainly don’t have enough time to spare, least of all on getting insurance.

Whatever you trade, we are always here to help you. We keep business insurance easy and simple helping you pick supple protection for what you require so everything stays in great working order.

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