Top 5 DMIT Companies in India

Top Best DMIT Companies in India

DMIT test or Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Test helps you to unwrap your hidden talents, potential, and skills. It is a wonderful way to determine an individual’s innate intelligence.

From kids to adults, anyone can take a DMIT test to find out what they are good at. It reveals the relative strength of brain lobes, based on fingerprint patterns.

A DMIT test is conducted by a DMIT company. They analyze your test report and tell you about your inborn gifts. Since it is a lifetime test, its results won’t change drastically..

If you are planning to get your DMIT test done, you should go to the best DMIT company. We have shortlisted the top 5 DMIT companies that you can rely on.

  1. TYB10x

When it comes to choosing a DMIT company in India, TYB10x is undeniably the best choice for you. The company is known for its career counselling services. Additionally, it is the largest provider of DMIT franchises in the country.

People trust TYB10x for its accuracy and cost-effectiveness. They enhance the purpose of an individual’s life through advanced scientific assessment. The team of professionals is committed to providing quality counselling services. 

At TYB10x, they focus on offering 100% satisfaction to clients. They have built their brand name on trust and reliability. No wonder, the company is rated 5 out of 5 on Google.


DMIT LAB is a well-established certified DMIT company in India. They have been offering top-notch counselling services for over 10 years. The company works with institutions and individuals to offer the best DMIT franchise in the country. To date, they have provided more than 130 franchises to both individuals and institutions.

DMIT LAB strives to provide low-cost DMIT test and counselling services. You can choose from different DMIT software packages based on your requirement. The 2-days live DMIT training workshop will help you to learn basic and advanced fingerprint types, learning styles, personality traits, and multiple intelligence career counselling.

A team of senior professionals works exclusively with DMIT LAB to support excellent operations and training programs.

  1. Mindgroom

Mindgroom is another top-rated company that is known to offer excellent DMIT services. The company has done life counselling for more than 2,000 individuals in over three years. Not just that, but they have also introduced DMIT in several prestigious schools.

It operates on an international level and provides training for students, teachers, corporates, parents, counsellors, etc. The company has trained and certified counsellors to provide sound remedies to clients.

At Mindgroom, they focus on training young minds by providing the best education counselling and techniques. The unique features of the DMIT software contribute to the excellence of the company.

  1. Brainwonders

Brainwonders is one of the leading counselling companies in India. For years, the company has helped numerous individuals achieve their career goals. They offer DMIT tests and educational counselling to help you choose the right career path.

This company was established under the concept of DMIT. It uses the DMIT test to determine innate intelligence in individuals. Guidance from the professional team will help you to make informed career choices. Additionally, they can help you identify the best learning style for yourself.

Brainwonders is open to everyone. Whether you are a student or working a corporate job, you can take the help of Brainwonders to enhance your future and career.

  1. Brain Checker

Lastly, we have Brain Checker with 750+ franchises and 10 years of experience. With 40+ consulting experts on its advisory panel, it has helped over 4 lakhs students since its inception.

This company was founded to help parents determine the right career path for their kids. They use a scientific approach to evaluate an individual’s potential, based on which they chart a road map for success.

Brain Checker is also famous for offering low-cost counselling services. It was ranked India’s no.1 low-cost Education Franchise Opportunity in 2017. Apart from that, the company is also recognized for entrepreneurial excellence.

Final Words

The benefits of the DMIT test are numerous. With the help of these DMIT companies, you can channel your career in the right direction. These companies are known for reliability and trustworthiness. Plus, they provide accurate results for proper evaluation.

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