Top 8 The Best Swimwear Brands

The Best Swimwear Brands

This article discusses the best swimwear brands for men. They are made for the active man who wants to look and feel great in the pool. Swim trunks, also known as bathing trunks, are short, loose bottoms worn specifically for swimming. They differ in style and design and are widely available online. 

Most swim trunks are nylon or polyester and have a mesh lining for quick drying. The Old South Apparel shorts have a polyester liner inside. So, Buy now & get 30% off using the Old South Apparel Coupon Code & save your extra money. Some of the best swimwear brands are discuss below.

1 – Frescobol Carioca

The Brazilian beach bat game ‘Frescobol’ inspired the name of this luxury swimwear brand. It started in 1945 on the beaches of Rio de Janeiro. Many years later, in 2013, two Brazilian-born London friends surfed in France and played the beach bat game. Many passers-by were intrigue by what they were doing and try the game themselves. This was when the two Brazilian companions unintentionally introduced the rest of the world to a facet of Rio’s culture.

This stylish lifestyle brand is know for its bright and nautical swim shorts, high-quality fits, and Rio attitude.

2 – Mr Marvis

Mr Marvis, an Amsterdam-based brand, was founded by two friends who were frustrated by the lack of stylish shorts for men. Their vision for Mr Marvis was straightforward: create the ideal, clean – but detailed – shorts for men who want to live life to the fullest. Mr Marvis’ shorts can be worn anywhere, from a love-me tender lunch to a relaxing day on your boat. Mr Marvis also has an equally perfect swimwear collection, designed in Amsterdam and handmade in Portugal. 

3 – Orlebar Brown

Orlebar Brown, a London-based brand, produces tailored swimwear. As they put it, their versatile product is “shorts you can swim in” rather than swim shorts. You can keep your outfit the same after your morning session on the beach because their swimwear is smart enough to wear to lunch. If you want to stand out, go for swim shorts from the bold, photo-printed collection. Orlebar Brown allows you to turn your favourite drawing, photograph, or graphic into an utterly personalised pair of swim shorts. What a fantastic idea! Swim shorts with a photo of your yacht on them. 

4 – Katama Swim

From an exciting boating trip to vibrant city life, the Katama collection is designed for a new generation of adventure seekers. Katama’s collections are inspired by the bays of the Northeast United States and feature fine tailoring, high-quality materials, and modern styling. This brand is one of the best swimwear brands overall. 

5 – Onia

Onia is a New York-base clothing brand inspired by modern adventurers. The brand creates simple – but stylish – essentials for travellers who value every detail. Onia’s swimwear collection is fill with one-of-a-kind prints with an almost arty look and feel. Did you know that the name ‘Onia’ means sailboat in Hebrew? It’s no surprise that Onia and love me tender are such a good match. 

6 – Chubbiesshorts

Chubbies Shorts began as a hobby for four Stanford graduates who made batches of shorts for themselves. When their friends asked where they got their shorts, they realised they had a real business. That’s precisely what they did. Since 2011, the four Chubbies founders have provided a vibrant collection of shorts in both plain and printed styles. Check out their brand. We also like how they styled their photos. 

7 – Tom & Teddy

This premium swimwear and beachwear brand from Australia creates matching swim trunks for father and son. Their UV-protect swim shorts are made of a quick-dry microfiber fabric resistant to salt and chlorine. Perfect for any boater’s wardrobe. There’s also something endearing about fathers and sons wearing identical swim trunks. That’s why it has list among the top swimwear brands.  

8 – OAS company

Oliver Adam Sebastian (OAS) used to supply his Stockholm friends with espadrilles from Spain constantly. He had brought them back from his family’s summer home in Barcelona.

Soon after, the espadrilles were joined by swimwear, and OAS expand into the international resort brand it is today. OAS brings ‘Scandi cool’ to warm boating destinations worldwide with their colourful, original prints and functional designs.

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