Tips to Find a Chiropractor That Takes Walk-Ins in Edmonton

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After a car accident or an injury at work, many patients seek chiropractic treatment. They often have a lot of questions about their pain and how chiropractors treat it.

During an initial appointment, a chiropractor will perform a physical exam and discuss your health history. They will also explain how joint dysfunctions occur and how a chiropractic adjustment can correct them.

1. Look for a Chiropractor’s Website

If you’re looking for a chiropractor that takes walk-ins in Edmonton, it’s important to look at their website. This will give you an idea of how much they charge for their services and what kind of experience they have. They should also have a contact form on their website so that you can ask any questions you may have.

Chiropractors use a variety of techniques to adjust patients’ spines and other joints in the body. One of the most common techniques is called Diversified technique. It involves the use of a spring loaded adjusting instrument that delivers a low force to spinal segments. This is a good technique to use with infants, children, and elderly patients.

2. Look for a Chiropractor’s Google Business Page

A chiropractic practice needs a web presence that out-competes local competitors and captures real-time search intent. This means a fully optimized website, an engaging blog, and informational content that intercepts patients along their journey to the drop table.

Google reviews are a great way to show potential patients that you’re a trustworthy and reliable chiropractor. Encourage your clients to leave reviews by following up with them after their visit, or sending them postcards that contain instructions for leaving a review. You can also use Google Business Profile posts to share updates with your audience, such as COVID-19 warnings or office closures.

Chiropractors can also use paid advertising, such as Google and Facebook ads, to reach a targeted audience. However, this type of marketing is expensive and can be challenging for chiropractic practices to manage. Search engine optimization is a better option for chiropractic marketers, as it allows them to target their audience and increase website traffic.

4. Look for a Chiropractor’s Location

Chiropractors use broadly accepted diagnostic procedures to assess diseases and adverse health conditions. The primary mode of chiropractic treatment is manipulation, also called adjustment. Manipulation is the application of a controlled force to re-establish normal articular function, or joint subluxation. A joint subluxation is a mechanical disorder that affects a vertebral bone’s position and causes alterations in the joint’s normal motion, leading to abnormal pressure on the nerves and resulting in a host of symptoms including pain, muscle spasm, inflammation, loss of range of motion, and damage to the joints’ cartilage.

Chiropractors use a variety of techniques to adjust misalignments, but the most common is the Diversified Technique. This method uses a manual thrust applied to the spine and smaller joints like the jaw and ankle.

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