Tips and Hacks to Maintain SPC Flooring

Almost everyone would agree on the fact that your home floor speaks a lot about you. Each type of floor has its way of representing elegance, class, and luxury. If you are in a search of better flooring options for your house under renovation, you would know that you have a wide range of options under your palm. 

Many flooring companies offer a plethora of options, from tile flooring to wood flooring. One thing that everyone agrees on is the fact that SPC flooring stays the ultimate winner in this war. And there are several reasons why. 

What is SPC Flooring?

SPC stands for stone plastic composite and is one of the most popular and widely-used types of flooring options available in the market. It is a waterproof and premium classification of old-school LVT flooring. It has incredible durability that comes with dent resistance and shielding against all kinds of weather conditions. 

SPC is a very sophisticated form of Vinyl flooring. Therefore, it is also commonly known as premium-class vinyl flooring, and also offers a multi-layer structure.

Tips to Maintain SPC Flooring

Sweep Your Floor Frequently 

This might sound cliché, but cleaning your floor regularly is a proven method to keep your SPC flooring in its best form. You can sweep your floors either with a common broom, a brushless vacuum, or an electric broom. 

However, avoid using the beater bars of your vacuum as it can damage your floor coating. Moreover, sweep your floor at least once a week to avoid loose dirt or dust. 

Use SPC Floor Polish 

Using a floor polish for your SPC floors can help give off a shinier look. All you have to do is sweep off the floor to remove any residue and dust so that it does not stick to the floor while mopping. Secondly, mop the floor and use SPC polish to make your floor look as good as new. 

Keep Direct Heat Away from Your Floor

There are a lot of people who are not aware of this issue. SPC flooring is highly sensitive to heat. It can be damaged or scarred by any medium of direct heat such as heating appliances, matches, or cigarette butts. Therefore, when you are using high-heat items, ensure that you support hot surfaces with mats or rugs. 

Do Not Steam Clean your Floor

Steam cleaning is an easy and convenient option as you can sanitize the floor easily without using chemical cleaners. However, steam cleaning can cause damage to your SPC or even wood flooring since the vapor generated can reach up to 90 degrees Celsius to kill germs. This heat can weaken the adhesive bonds of your floor planks. 


These were some of the few tips that would be helpful if you have decided to go for SPC flooring for your home. Speaking of that, Crown Carpets provides the best choices for high-quality SPC flooring in all of Malaysia. 

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