7 Things to Know About Wigs for Cancer Patients

Wigs for Cancer patients

Chemotherapy works as a lifesaver but damages other cells in the body. The patients will shed all their hair during the treatment, and they will have to accept it and prepare themselves mentally for baldness. But you do not need to live with depression and lose your confidence. You can consider hair replacement and restore your look and confidence. You can visit Martino Cartier and talk to experts to find the best wig for your specific hair type and condition. Do you want to love trekking and seeking for a trusted agency for Mera Peak Climbing then hire Nepal Everest Trekking agency now.

Cancer treatment causes all hair loss, but you can look normal by wearing wigs. You will have natural-looking and comfortable wigs on your budget. Take the help of experts and find a suitable wig. Here are the seven things you should know about wigs when getting one for cancer patients.

1. Accept the Truth

It will be easier to navigate the complex journey if you accept the truth. Once you start chemotherapy, hair loss will happen within a week or two. Your scalp might be sensitive to the touch. You can visit a Hair Salon in Sewell and make your hair short before the treatment. Also, you can consult a wig stylist and choose a real-hair color wig. It is better to get a wig before the chemo and make the transition smooth.

2. Choose a Suitable Material

You will have wigs in natural hair or synthetic fiber. You can also choose one that combines both. The benefit of synthetic is it holds the style even on humid days and requires less maintenance. However, you will have to avoid using hot tools. Human hair wigs are more expensive and can withstand hot tools, rolling, and dyeing.

3. Find the Right Type

Apart from the material, you will have to focus on the type. You can go with hand-tied or machine-made wigs. Machine-made options are more affordable than hand-tied wigs. However, they can be uncomfortable on your sensitive and itchy scalp. Cancer patients should always use comfortable wigs even if the cost is more. Had-tied wigs are comfortable, soft, and flexible but expensive.

4. Find the Right Shop

You can visit your local Martino Cartier and find suitable wigs for cancer patients. The professional stylist can help you with the best experience by customizing the wig depending on your natural hairline.

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5. Understand the Insurance Procedure

You can talk to your insurance company and inquire about the coverage before having a wig. Some companies might have limited coverage but will need a prescription. Inquire about the requirements and act accordingly.

6. Use Accessories

You can consider hair replacement treatment when you still have a sensitive scalp or hair issues after fighting the disease. However, you can use hair accessories, including cotton or bamboo skullcaps, on a tender scalp when going through the treatment. Wear the cap as a protective barrier, and then secure your wig.

7. Check Aftercare Instructions

Wearing a wig will be easy if you know how to align it. The experts in Martino Cartier will help you with alignment. You will also get aftercare instructions to ensure the expected durability and avoid complications. You will know when to wash or replace your wig and how to take care of it in different weather conditions. Read more on:-

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