Things to Consider When Hiring Android Developers in 2022

Hire Android App Developers in Canada

Android is the most popular and user-friendly system for operating and has been dominating markets since its debut. It has transformed the smartphone market in various ways, mainly by introducing several innovative UI/UX improvements, including privacy, security, and privacy features through regular Android software updates.

Many businesses use Android extensively, which has been the preferred option for developing mobile apps. Since it is an open-source platform, it helps businesses transform their concepts into impressive mobile apps and offers a Mobile App Development Company in Ottawa the possibility of creating creative Android applications.

The most well-known brands, such as Amazon, Starbucks, Microsoft, Netflix, and many others, are investing massively in Android application development. So let’s look at how businesses can profit from the open-source platform – Android.

How Businesses Benefit from the Android Platform

Businesses can build custom apps by using Android. Businesses can create custom applications using the Android platform, customize user experiences, integrate third-party apps, distribute and promote apps through multiple channels, generate new revenue streams and keep ahead of the market. Additional benefits worth mentioning are below:

1 Simple Deployment and Reducing Time to Market

Because Kotlin, along with other fast tools for development, Android applications can be created in a short time by integrating with third-party providers in a simplified manner. Businesses can take advantage of a faster time to market for their products and the lowest development costs. They can keep up with market trends, boost efficiency, stay ahead of their competitors, better manage risk, and improve governance.

2 Support for Google from Google

Google offers robust support for an Android Mobile Application Development Company to tackle bugs and fixes, enhance data security, address problems related to mobile app development projects, and more. One can get access to this support from developer support resources. As a result, developers can develop and distribute error-free apps for users.

3 Highly Scalable

Android is a plethora of platforms allowing developers to create high-quality, feature-rich, scalable apps for the end user. Additionally, Android apps comply with cutting-edge technologies like AR/VR IoT And Cloud, which allows apps to perform various functions across various devices. You can use this feature to create your business applications and provide your users with an easy user experience at a reasonable cost.

4 Security that is Enterprise-grade

An effective security system in Android helps keep your business apps secure and safe from vulnerability viruses, malware, or malware. In addition, the user-centric Android OS balances accessibility, privacy, and security for app developers and companies. As a result, it is possible to create safe apps using Android that allows you to secure your information, spot complex problems and provide a safe user experience to your clients.

5 Easy Customization

Android is a highly customizable platform to develop essential applications for businesses with various functions. Businesses can develop mobile apps customized to keep up with their brand’s identity, business models, app development requirements and day-to-day activities. This enhances the user experience by providing customized UI and functionality that is customized and user-friendly, with quick modifications by using the widely-available Android SDK. It is easy to adopt the BYOD idea, allowing you to increase collaboration and communication within your team.

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Hiring the right Android App Developers 

Companies must find and recruit the best person to boost efficiency for complex, significant, or long-term initiatives. Therefore, thinking about the most important aspects before hiring someone for your team is essential. Therefore, let’s consider the same.

Top Technical Skills for Android App Developers

The development of mobile applications requires mastery of the fundamentals and knowledge regarding understanding the Android platform. This helps companies create the application they’re searching for using a variety of user interaction scenarios. Here’s the list of necessary technical capabilities to hire Android Application Developer:

1 Expertise in Programming Languages – Java, Kotlin or both

To create Android applications, developers should be familiar with either of the two official Android development languages, Java or Kotlin or both. They should be aware of the language’s syntax and structure, the use of JDK documentation in Java, and various other concepts, such as loop, variables and object-oriented fundamentals.

2 Concepts of Understanding the Android SDK

Android app developers must be proficient in using an already-packed package of SDK (Software Development Kit) to connect their apps to external resources and help speed up the development. They must also be aware of concepts such as action bars, user input screen flexibility, data transfer, etc.

3 Familiarity with Database Engines

To store data for Android apps, developers must have experience with databases such as SQLite, Room Database, Realm and Firebase. In addition, they must understand how databases function and how to transfer their data when users run applications offline with these reliable databases.

4 Knowledge of Tools for Code Versioning

Tools such as Git, Github, and Bitbucket are essential for app developers as they let developers store the source code for each project. As a result, developers can review the history of the code and see what’s been accomplished and what was altered, which version is the most recent, and so on. Additionally, these tools allow collaboration with team members simple when they work on the same project.

5 Understanding of XML

XML is must-have expertise for Android developers. By using this markup language, structured developers can quickly transfer data to multiple websites and develop solid layouts which serve as the foundation of an Android application UI.

6 Expertly-versed in Development Tools

The full-featured integrated development platform (IDE) to use with Google’s OS, including Android Studio or IntelliJ IDEA, is essential for every developer. In addition, Android Studio supports all programming languages, making it much easier for developers to write error-free code faster.

7 Vital Senses from Android Material Design

Every Android application must be per guidelines for Android Material Design principles which provide the fundamental UI/UX guidelines and the essential elements of design, including interface guidelines, as well as the best practices to take into consideration before developing highly intuitive apps. This is why a Ui Ux Design Services Company should be able to comprehend material design

8 Experience with RESTful APIs and the Retrofit libraries for API calls

The Application Programming Interface (API) is a specific set of code that allows data exchange between multiple computer software. Developers need to make API calls with Open Source libraries like Retrofit so that various internet-connected services can be accessed through apps. In addition, they will need to use numerous APIs to build more interactive apps, which is why it’s essential expertise


With the myriad of options on the market, it can be challenging to pick the right tool for app development for your business, especially when you are looking to begin working on the creation of a brand the first Android project by 2022.

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