The top word games that are free on PC

To commemorate the return of the dictionary I’ve compiled a some of the most popular free word games that you can play today. There are a variety of variations on Wordle and other word games, as well as variations of Scrabble Tetris that include letters as well as an physics-based word search. They’re all free. players a dime to play, and the majority are playable directly within your browser. Don’t read the book like a caveman and see what words really mean.

Today’s wordle

Today’s Wordle answer isn’t too taxing, even if The NYT’s WordleBot tool reckons that I finished 0.2 over par. According to the site, it takes the average player 3.8 steps to complete Wordle #470, and I ended up with four on the nose. Not too bad, but it’s never nice to be below average so hopefully you can avoid having a similar off day.


Let’s tackle the obvious one first. Wordle is the internet phenomenon which gives you six opportunities to identify a five-letter word. Each guess is colored according to the word’s letters according to the accuracy of their guesses. Yellow for accurate, green for incorrect but misplaced and grey for incorrect. It’s elegant, smart, and hugely well-known and has added to Twitter even more unsatisfying.


A more intense variation that is a re-imagined version of Wordle, Quordle challenges players to identify four distinct words in nine possibilities. Each guess is displayed in all four boxes that’s why you have to be efficient and cautious with your suggested solutions. The perfect choice for Wordle users who want to have a problem.

Word Whip

Word Whip is a rapid assessment of the vocabulary you have. Each puzzle provides an area of tiles that is partly filled with letters and you are required to come up with the most words you can that utilize those letters in the places. For instance, you may be faced with the task of finding five-letter words that start with the letter ‘RO’ or words with six letters that begin and end with the letter ‘S’. Similar to Scrabble the rare letters such as X are more valuable than regular letters like E which is why you can achieve higher scores by putting in some more obscure terms. It’s among the most original word games that are on this list and follows its concept perfectly.

Word Valley

If you’ve ever considered to yourself “What would happen if you added Physics to a wordsearch?” Then you’re either the creator for Word Valley, or you consider some bizarre things. The game is about finding words in a alphabet. When you combine the word, it disappears like the Tetris line, while other letters are thrown into empty spaces. The aim of every level is to lead an object to the bottom of the pile which will open a door that will allow you to move on to the next. It’s a relaxed time-waster, with an entertaining gimmick as well as an easy-to-play fantasy theme.


What happens when you mix letters and Tetris? Yes, you get it’s a nightmare! Lettris is based on the vast structure of the famous shape-matching game, but every square of the falling tetrominos is also an alphabet on it. It is necessary to turn the shapes to match with the other tetrominos in a manner that creates words. It’s a fun hybrid, however, be aware that it’s a lot of work to master and can leave your eyes cross-eyed.


Elimination is a quick-paced word game which presents players with lines of unorganized letters. The game then asks you with forming words by taking letters off the line. It might sound easy but the challenge is from identifying the word with the highest score from a variety of possibilities. The longer words usually score higher points, but certain letters are accompanied by multipliers that belong to them. There are only ten minutes to solve every puzzle, therefore you need to quickly recognize the words available, and then decide which is more important.


Download it for free through Steam, Phonetic is an unique word game that challenges players to find words by the phonetic pronunciation. If you think that sounds simple but trust me when I say that it’s not. The phonetic symbology may be difficult to comprehend and you’re only given the time you have to determine the right word. If you make three wrong guesses and you’re out of luck.


Wordmeister is in essence digital Scrabble However, it distinguishes it from other digested variations of Scrabble because it is a single-player. It follows guidelines of the traditional word game, however it pits you against a skilled AI opponent, instead of human players. It’s a great option for those who don’t want to face Internet randoms.

Babble Royale

If you’re the opposite you would rather deal with your Scrabble opponents by killing them, then Babble Royale is the perfect game for you. The bizarre game is played by sixteen players who are trying to come up with words on a massive scrabble board that is slowly being degraded from its edges by an expanding “hot zone”. If you create words that are connected with another player, that player is killed. You can snake towards the center of the board and you’ll be able to claim the title of being the deadliest word-slinger in town. see our latest article facebook touch

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