The significant impact of corporate brand planning on the beauty industry

Corporate brand planning has become an indispensable part of the beauty industry, and has become the core gene of the company’s overall marketing ideas and models, reflecting the cultural connotation of a brand, and is also an effective means to ensure stable sales.

With the acceleration of my country’s economic development, the scale and number of enterprises are getting larger and larger, and enterprises are paying more and more attention to brand planning. The beauty industry is changing rapidly, and there are too many uncertain and uncontrollable things. Our manufacturers, agents, and beauty salons need to seize market share through different event planning, improve their brand awareness in the market, and improve market competitiveness. Check out Boots discount code nhs

Definition of planning:

Planning, also known as “strategic plan” and “tactical plan” (Strategical Planning / Tactical Planning), refers to people, in order to achieve a certain goal, with the help of certain scientific methods and art, to conceive, design, and make planning plans for decision-making and planning. the process of.

Definition of the activity:

An activity is the sum of actions that are united by a common purpose and perform a certain social function. Activities consist of purpose, motivation and action, and have a complete structural system. Soviet psychologists have carried out a series of studies on activity since the 1920s.

Among them, Α.Н. Leontiev’s activity theory had a great influence on the development of Soviet psychology and became an important theoretical cornerstone of modern Soviet psychology.

Definition of event planning:

Activity Planning is an effective behavior to increase market share. If it is an activity planning case with outstanding creativity, good executable and operability, whether it is for the popularity of the company or the reputation of the brand , will play a positive role in improving.

1. Classification of beauty industry activity planning

Communication-led event planning: for the purpose of brand promotion, it refers to the planning based on brand promotion and supplemented by profitable sales.

Hybrid event planning: It combines the characteristics of the above two types, and it does both marketing and communication. It belongs to the type of “have both.

Marketing-led event planning: refers to the theme planning whose activities are mainly based on profitable sales and supplemented by brand promotion.

Second, the advantages of event planning for the beauty industry

1. Event planning has public relations functions:

The planning of activities is often carried out around the same theme. Most of these themes are related to environmental protection, energy saving, etc., which are close to people’s lives and can win the reputation of consumers.

So that consumers not only obtain use value from the product, but also obtain spiritual satisfaction and joy from it: advertising, especially public service advertising, can sometimes achieve public relations effects, but it is far from the effectiveness of event planning and public relations functions. Stereoscopic comparison.

2. The event planning is of mass communication:

A good event planning must focus on audience participation and interaction.

Some event planners will also introduce public welfare into the event, which itself is not only combined with the consistent credibility of the newspaper media, but also can stimulate the brand’s reputation among the masses. Even the activity itself has a certain news value, which can be disseminated at the first time and attract the attention of the public.

3. Event planning has a deep interpretation function:

The attributes of the advertisement itself determine that it cannot be expressed in a comprehensive manner; however, through event planning, it is possible to clearly explain what customers need to express. Therefore, event planning can spread the target information to be conveyed by the enterprise more accurately and in detail. Save with All beauty discount code nhs

4. Event planning is delayed:

A good event planning can carry out secondary communication. The so-called “secondary communication” means that after an event is released, other media reprint it one after another, and the impact of event planning is delayed. However, we can never see such a situation: an advertisement is reprinted by other media because of its good design: while event planning has many advantages, it also has some shortcomings. On the one hand, event planning often cannot be carried out independently from advertising. Anything But a Backpack Day On the other hand, improper operation of event planning can easily lead to audience rejection.

5. Economic advantages of event planning:

The traditional form of advertising has entered a mature stage, including advertising costs are becoming more and more transparent, there is little room for price discounts, and companies often need tens of millions of advertising fees through advertising. Compared with this, the cost of a promotional activity is far less than the advertising cost, but it can achieve results quickly, and at the same time, it can reach consumers more directly and obtain market feedback in a timely manner.

For the beauty industry, the role of event planning is particularly obvious compared to other industries, that is, monthly activities, quarterly activities, and annual activities. Such as: extension meeting, star meeting, expert meeting, investment promotion meeting, tasting meeting, etc., emerge in an endless stream and innovate constantly.

Beauty Industry

For the beauty industry, event planning is a three-dimensional on-site marketing, allowing consumers to quickly contact and purchase products, and a platform for beauty practitioners to quickly improve and learn. It is interactive and mutually beneficial. How to better and more accurately integrate event planning into enterprises, businesses, and beauty salons is a question we need to consider. It is a double-edged sword. 

The good and the bad depend on the person who uses the sword. If it is used well, it will raise the level of enterprises, businesses, and beauty salons. If it is broken, the consequences will be unimaginable. Every event planning is our new beginning. As a beauty practitioner, I hope to understand and interpret it from a deeper level. Through various types of event planning cases to inform practitioners, we focus on innovation and share success. I am that market ghost: Lin Yipu, a brand planning expert. Save with cult beauty discount code, cult beauty discount code nhs, cult beauty promo code nhs and cult beauty nhs discount code

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