The One Area Biden is Beating Trump, Obama, and Bush

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For months, Democrats have been wondering how President Trump has gotten so much done, especially compared to his predecessor Barack Obama.

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This man has been on the right side of history since he joined politics in 1973. Ever since then he has fought for America’s working class. He was also on the right side of history when he voted against NAFTA in 1993, and when he spoke out in favor of equal rights as far back as 1974. The man has been doing a lot of good for this country throughout his career as well as his current campaign.

First Lady Michelle Obama said she never could have become who she is without Biden by her side these past eight years. That alone should tell you just how effective Biden’s presidency would be had it come to pass.

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Biden’s confirmations of federal judges may not be the biggest headline these days given the news cycle. But his accomplishment seems even more impressive when you look at what other presidents were up against when they reached this milestone in their presidencies. George W. Bush was still dealing with fallout from 9/11 while Barack Obama faced one of the worst recessions in American history. Meanwhile, President Donald Trump has spent most of his presidency embroiled in conflicts overseas that have led to rising tensions around the world. As a result, inflation had skyrocketed which made it hard for those on the lowest end of the economic ladder to get by.

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There are plenty of things that Joe Biden has done during his term in office that President Donald’s Trump could only dream of accomplishing. From the lowest unemployment rate in 20 years to being the third-longest-serving vice president in history, there is no denying that the current veep has had a successful eight years. But where he is outdoing all presidents in modern times when it comes to one category? Federal judge confirmations. With 125 confirmed federal judgeships so far, Senator Joe Biden (D-DE) has beaten Presidents Donald Trump (112), Barack Obama (99), and George W.

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It’s no secret that Trump has an affinity for conservative judges in America. In particular, he prefers appointing pro-life judges to the Supreme Court bench. As such, he’s used his first year in office to fill 114 vacancies on federal benches around the country – far more than any other president at this point in their tenure. On the surface it might seem like a good thing that President Trump is confirming so many federal judges, but some believe that could have serious repercussions for the American justice system. For example, his nomination of Brett Kavanaugh to replace Anthony Kennedy has been fraught with controversy since he may be filling a position that should belong to Merrick Garland if Republican senators had not refused to hold hearings or vote on the nominee.

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It’s safe to say that the 44th president of the United States has his hands full. Leading our country in turbulent times with no shortage of drama, one major talking point during Barack Obama’s presidency was the appointment of federal judges. His task was an impressive one: to not only fill longstanding vacancies in the judiciary system but also attempt to balance out a bench that had been predominantly conservative for over 30 years. When he left office after two terms, he succeeded on both counts–having appointed more than 300 lower-court judges while leaving Supreme Court justices at eight –a first since President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s tenure–stopping just short of a grand total of 329 confirmations during his eight years in office which would have been a record previously held by George W.

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Presidential elections are often the topic of conversations but other things that come up during a term in office may be just as important for the fate of our country. Now with an eye to 2020, U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Lindsey Graham called out Joe Biden Wednesday for surpassing George W. Bush’s judicial confirmation record.

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But Democrats on Capitol Hill were quick to point out that President Donald Trump has had two Supreme Court nominees confirmed in two years — Neil Gorsuch and Brett Kavanaugh — while Barack Obama got only one done (Elena Kagan) and George W. Bush had none at all over his eight years in office. So, they say there’s no contest when it comes to which president is more qualified on judicial nominations.

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