The Hotel Towel Factory – Providing Soft, Absorbent Towels For Hotels

After emerging from their shower or tub, guests want to feel secure in soft, absorbent towels that offer maximum comfort and warmth. Hotels face a delicate balance when providing these amenities in order to reduce costs and manage storage space efficiently.

Hotels often turn to hotel towel suppliers who specialize in meeting specific criteria, including GSM and durability.

High-Quality Towels

Clean and high-quality towels are an essential component of any hotel or hospitality business, according to recent studies. In fact, guests cite softness and cleanliness of towels as one of the key factors contributing to their overall satisfaction with the experience of staying there.

With wholesale towels, you can create an inviting and luxurious environment for your guests. Additionally, customizing them by adding personalized embroidery logos can increase brand recognition.

These luxurious towels are constructed of long-staple ring spun cotton for superior softness and absorbency, making them suitable for hotels, spas or any location requiring high quality bath towels.

Hotel-grade towels are designed to dry quickly and launder effortlessly, resist fading, tangling, softness and more absorbency than institutional linens. In white with dobby border detailing for classic appeal and available in different sizes to meet all of your needs.

Soft Towels

Towels are an integral component of any hotel experience, and the best ones feel silky-smooth against your skin. Additionally, they’re absorbent and durable enough to withstand repeated washes without losing their fresh look – something many hotels utilize cutting-edge technologies for.

Fabric, GSM (Gross Square Meter), and weight all play an integral part in how towels feel; towels with lower GSM ratings tend to be lighter and feel delicate while those with higher GSM ratings tend to be thicker and more resilient.

Our premium quality terry bath hotel towels are constructed from 100% ringspun cotton and triple sheared for softness and luxury, featuring classic dobby borders for added elegance and washability. Standard 100 by Oeko-Tex also ensures these luxurious towels meet the softness and durability you would expect in a five-star hotel environment.

Durable Towels

Hotel towels are essential items in hospitality businesses such as hotels. Constructed of thick white cotton fabric with an extremely high GSM (global surface area measurement), hotel towels can impress guests while being tough enough for laundry use. Many times over, hotel towels have been bleached many times without losing their softness and absorbency – making them the perfect investment to ensure a positive guest experience!

Higher GSM numbers correspond with heavier and thicker towels; Frontgate’s Resort Cotton Towels boast an incredible 650 GSM weight woven of long-staple Turkish cotton with classic dobby borders and end hems for an luxurious finish.

Pact’s Waffle Bath Towel provides the best of both worlds–super soft, absorbent, and featuring textural friction that feels like exfoliation, with certifications from both GOTS and OEKO-TEX to ensure it is free from harmful chemicals – making this an excellent option for anyone seeking luxurious towels that still practice environmental-friendliness.

Luxury Towels

Have you ever stayed in a hotel and noticed that all the towels are large, fluffy and white? Does this indicate that all hotels purchase their towels from one supplier or is there some secret brand that specializes in manufacturing towels exclusively for hotels?

Hotels need high-quality towels in order to offer their guests the best experience, so they require durable ones that withstand washes without disintegrating quickly, yet are soft enough for guests’ skin and can maintain their white color over time.

To reach their objectives, hotels typically employ towels with high GSM ratings (400-600 GSM rating is ideal) which provide more resilience, softness, and weight than their lower-rated counterparts – not to mention being highly absorbent, making them perfect for hotels.

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