The Tasbih and The Muslim Rosary

The Black Tasbih

Here is a very important subject which must attract your attention as a Muslim. The Black Tasbih is indeed, a type of dhikr which consists in pronouncing in a repeated way small portions of. Sentence which glorify God. Tasbih is a very beneficial practice for the one who practices it. As mentioned in the hadith of the Prophet, anyone who invokes Allah at the end of each prayer while. Making tasbih is rewarded in a dignified manner. Thus, many questions arise around this practice and especially its practice with the Muslim.

What is tasbih?

Tasbih is one of the acts you should perform right after prayer. It is a form of spiritual. Exercise which consists of repeating a large number of times certain formulas taken from the. Koran in order to glorify God. This spiritual exercise is actually an invocation of Allah. The tasbih h is therefore characterized by the repetition of the formulas of worship. The objective pursued is to glorify or to praise Allah. As it has many virtues, the tasbih is considered preferable to other acts that the believer must perform after the prayer is finished.

A little story behind this dhikr which is the tasbih

It is said in the Kanz al-‘Ummâl: “The Emir of the believers Ali told az-Zahraa (Fatima) to go and. Ask the Prophet for a servant. She went there and, showing the calles she had in her hands, said. The Black Tasbih of the flour put me in trouble’ and she asked him for a servant. The Prophet replied, ‘Do you want me to give you a gift that is worth more than anything in the world. When you go to sleep, say 33 times SubhanAllah, Glory be to God, 33 times Praise be to God Alhamdulillah’s and 34 times. God is Greater Allahu Akbar. (Kanz al-‘Ummâl, Vol. 2, p. 57). And this is how Fatima-Zahra devoted. Herself to this adoration after her prayers. And in the beginning, the tasbih was called the tasbih of Fatima-Zahra.

Why is it important to perform tasbih?

Considered the most preferable act to perform after the prayer is over, tasbih is of great importance. To you as a believer because of its many virtues. First, when you practice tasbih , Allah forgives you of all your sins. Indeed, according to a hadith of Abu Hurayra. The prophet Muhammad said whoever at the end of each prayer glorifies Allah (by saying Subhan’Allah) 33. Times, praises him (by saying Al hamdoulilah) 33 times and proclaims all his greatness (by saying Allah or Akbar) 33 times, making a total of 99 then complete by saying:

When do you have to do tasbih?

When should I perform tasbih? You are probably asking yourself this question! Well, this question has been addressed by many people including the ulema and the great imams who have each given their answers. The prophet Sallal Iaahou Aleyi wa sallam recommended to make The Black Tasbih still qualified as a prayer of glorification according to your availability at these frequencies.

What are the different ways to make tasbih after prayer?

If you know what tasbih is, its virtues and its importance for you as a believer, you still need to know how to do tasbih. So, for this fact, you are offered several ways to do tasbih. You are free to choose one way of doing things among the five that are proposed to you.

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