The Advantages of AI-Based Video Analytics 

Because of the several practical applications, including facial recognition software, traffic flow monitoring, item identification, and the spotting of strange behavioral traits, AI analytic video software has become increasingly prominent.  

This technology has improved considerably over the last few years and offers users enhanced function and remarkable reliability. This justifies its mainstream popularity as well as its rapid expansion worldwide. In general terms, we may notice a trend to update security infrastructure by incorporating AI video analytics into already-installed CCTV surveillance systems.  

Find Out the Advantages of AI-Based video analytics software 

There are several advantages of having AI-Based video analytics; let’s get acquainted with a few of them: 

1. Intelligent Object Recognition:

Nowadays, more items are being identified using AI and computer vision. Whenever it concerns weapon identification, it provides security professionals with the benefit of early detection before anything bad happens and allows authorities to respond to danger proactively. The software automatically notifies on-site staff and legal police, delivering visual information on the kind of weapon, timing, and exact location, allowing them to react early. Effective real-time luggage tracking is also made possible by AI video analytics. This has become a major benefit for safety officers who monitor public locations, particularly airlines, shops, or educational institutions.  

2. Highly effective intrusion detection:

The device transmits important images and information to the security staff in the event of an incident, allowing authorities to respond swiftly. Without AI video analytics, motion detection cameras are primitive gadgets that raise the alarm whenever anything moves, whether a mammal or simply a movement in the shade. These cameras can generate up to 150 false alarms per camera daily, resulting in a significant burden for locations with hundreds of surveillance cameras deployed to monitor thousands of people. Fortunately, AI-based video analytics can reduce excessive false alerts to a tolerable quantity, freeing operators to handle legitimate alerts. 

3. Accelerated video search:

Although proactive security procedures like analyzing video footage to gather additional details regarding incidents investigation may look simple, they could be incredibly challenging and time-consuming without AI video analytics. Security staff employed at big institutions and commercial locations like airlines, colleges, hypermarkets, and other such facilities would understand. Advanced AI-based video monitoring systems enable the individual to look through the videos more rapidly than a controller would. The time required to collect relevant data to analyze problems is reduced significantly when AI is used in investigations. 

The potential to search for people without using face identifiers is another evident benefit of AI video analytics. This signifies that the system will recognize the suspect even when they are not looking directly into the camera or if a helmet or scarf disguises their face. 

4. Detection of abnormal behavior:

Identifying violent behavior, such as conflicts, theft, or forms of violence, might also be done using AI analytic video software. Management can take action as soon as they are fully informed of these incidents, preventing the situation from worsening and eliminating a disaster. Artificial intelligence (AI) analytics blended with thermal cameras aid makers in implementing smart heat screening of machines and equipment, protecting valuable pieces, and reducing the risk of injuries for workers. 

5. Benefits the businesses:

Due to the increased data available, AI video analytics can assist business-forward initiatives and boost organizational productivity. Using deep computing and machine learning to evaluate historical information and extract insights businesses can get several advantages. High-powered video analytics make it simple to discover answers to issues like rush hours, workers’ time in a certain location, and office vacancies. 


AI analytic video software by wobot can benefit several people in their everyday activities. This innovation has advantages across many industries, particularly as potential applications have become more sophisticated. Operations in the field of video analysis are more efficient and require less recurrence. With AI analytic video software, it becomes easy to track people at retail businesses and shopping malls.

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