Seven Best Layering Tips You Need to Adopt This Winter Season

Seven Best Layering Tips You Need to Adopt This Winter Season

Winter weather and low temperature can be brutal if you do not have proper clothes to protect your body. The declining temperature can test our nerves, and dressing in such extreme weather can be challenging. Still, more than half of the population loves winter. No doubt that winter is a season to enjoy warm and savory meals. One of the perks of the winter season is the Christmas holidays. The only trick to make this harsh weather more bearable is to dress up appropriately. Seasonal clothing trends may come and go. But we have one fashion trend that will stay for every winter season, and that winter trend is layering.

The only way to keep your body warm enough is by layering. Layering yourself in the winter season does not mean you can pick any clothing item. Mixing and matching the right clothing items is the key to dressing up chic, even in the freezing weather. Fortunately, we have dozens of layering options to protect our bodies from cold. Denim remains the ever-green layering outerwear men and women prefer. Denim jacket men price can vary according to the style and quality. But we can always count on denim as it is one of the most economical outerwear you can opt for in the winter. 

What is the art of layering in cold weather?

Layering is a technique to cover your body with several clothing items over one another. Layering your body will help bring warmth and keep you dry even in the snowy weather. Believe it or not, it is possible to stay warm in the cold weather and still look fashionable. For this, you only have to learn the crucial art of layering. Dressing in cold weather requires you to dress up in three layers. 

The first layer is known as the Base layer. The base layer helps you absorb the moisture or sweat from the body and keep you dry. The base layer should be the thinnest. 

The second layer is the Middle layer. The middle layer is there to help us retain our body heat. The Middle layer often has thick and warm materials such as fleece, wool, and puffy jackets.

The third layer is known as the Outer layer. This layer protects our body in harsh and extreme weather, such as rain or snow. This layer should be waterproof and breathable. This third layer is most likely our shield against the cold weather.

Like all the other trends, there is a way to layer yourself and look good. The below seven tips can help you layer yourself like a pro this winter season.  

1. Invest in snug layers:     

A common misunderstanding about layering is that it should be tight. But the reality is that your layering should be snug which hugs your body but leaves some room for the air. Dressing in tight-fitted clothes will not let your body breathe. You need to leave some room for the air to circulate. 

2. Turtlenecks work best for the base layer:

The only reason turtlenecks never go out of fashion is that they are an essential clothing item in the winter. These thin shirts work best in freezing weather. Another good reason is that turtlenecks can give you extra warmth without wearing anything heavy. You can wear a turtleneck with any crewneck sweater or cardigan. Moreover, they can make you look flawless despite your body shape.

3. Keep the layering lightweight:     

The worst mistake anyone can commit while layering is to pile on all the thick layering. Wearing all thick clothes can backfire and can reduce air circulation. It is better to wear several thin layers instead of one thick layer. This way, you can add or remove layers whenever you want. 

4. Your winter wardrobe needs crewnecks:     

Crewnecks are the best sweaters anyone can wear for the Middle layer. One of the biggest reasons is that crewneck sweaters remain in style, and there are dozens of options to pair them with clothes. A silk dress, a turtleneck, or a collared shirt go along with the crewneck sweater. Moreover, the crewneck sweater provides insulation. Besides, they are highly breathable. 

5. Layer from the thinnest to thickest:

The correct order of layering in the freezing weather is to start from the thinnest layer and end up with the thickest layer if you are heading outside. This order of layering will regulate your body temperature. Besides, it will save you from looking like a disaster. This way, you can take off your heavy-duty outerwear at home whenever you like while having warm clothes underneath. 

6. Choose appropriate fabrics:

The right way to dress up in cold weather is by investing in clothes with suitable fabrics. Know that not every fabric will keep you warm. You have to choose breathable clothes to keep your body dry and cozy. Cotton is best for the base layer. Denim is perfect for the middle layer. For the outer layer, leather, fleece, and wool work the best.

7. Do not forget the accessories:     

Winter accessories are another essential piece that you need for dressing up appropriately. These will help you keep your body covered from the chilled breezes. A warm beanie or hat can protect your head from the cold. Woolen scarves are also a needed accessory to keep your body warm. You also need to invest in some warm leggings. Socks and gloves can help you from getting frostbite.

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