Select the Right Espresso Tamper to Prepare the Perfect Coffee

An espresso tamper, also known as coffee tamper, is a tool which is most commonly used for compressing the finely ground coffee into the port filter/basket. If we talk about brewing a quality shot of espresso, the most crucial yet simple step is tamping. By using top quality Electric tamper, you can make the entire process simpler. To master tamping espresso, you have to devote some time. But if you want to speed this process, then you should buy a great espresso tamper. While selecting a tamper, you should keep in mind numerous considerations such as

About espresso tamper

1. First of all, you should buy a tamper with a size between 48 mm to 58 mm. Most brands use a tamper with 58 mm size.

2. If you want to apply the right amount of pressure, then the weight of your tamper should be around 1-2 pounds. Choose a tamper that is made of heavy material such as stainless steel instead of plastic.

3. Select calibrated tampers that are ideal for beginner baristas. The best part about them is that they apply the right pressure.

4. Find out what is important for you – style or a simple one. You can either go for a custom tamper or an engraved tamper. These are unique – you can pick anyone what you find appealing one.

Wireless espresso tamper

We, at Bose Tamper, introduce Wireless espresso tamper that comes with handheld small electric automatic battery power. Our electric tamper is perfect for home and coffee shop. What’s more, it is easy to use. You can buy them in numerous vibrant colors like green, blue dark sparkle, white, black, pink, and yellow. For pre-ordering, you just need to add your favorite tamper in the shopping cart. The icing on the cake is that we accept payment through numerous options like VISA, G Pay, Discover Network, Apple Pay, AMEX, etc. From us, you can get our tampers at extremely affordable prices.

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