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With this new version of the Go Fan Tickets app, you can connect to the internet. Making it possible for users to more rapidly access their tickets while they are at the event. Also includes a wide range of improvements and corrections to various bugs. Sports and GoFan are in the process of merging. Which will create a leading technology and media platform for high school sports events.

History Of The Version What’s New

Gofan Promo Code, a market leader in high school sports media and technology, and GoFan. a market leader in digital ticketing for high school sporting events. Made the announcement today that they have entered into a definitive merger agreement to combine their respective businesses. Earlier this year. KKR became an investor in Go Fan Tickets alongside Panoramic Ventures. KKR is now investing more money from its North America Fund XIII fund to support the strategic merger.

Intention To Unite

GoFan have jointly announced their intention to unite. Which was established in 2008, and GoFan, which was established in 2001. Have strategically emphasized the high school sports and activities market and made an impact there. Go Fan Tickets is most well-known for being the company that operates the NFHS Network. All 50 states and the District of Columbia can watch live and on-demand high school sports. And activities through this network.

Reliable Provider Of Digital Ticketing

Go Fan Tickets  is a reliable provider of digital ticketing services for thousands of high schools around the country. serving millions of fans in the process.

The National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS) and the individual state associationsTthat make up its membership have collaborated to create the NFHS Network.

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Official Partner Of The National Federation

GoFan works closely with the National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS) and is an official partner of the group. The companies Go Fan Tickets and GoFan offer streaming and digital ticketing services to about 10,000 high schools across the United States.

The Chief Executive Officer

According to David Rudolph, the Chief Executive Officer. We are pleased to be joining forces with an industry leader like GoFan as we capitalize on our great market opportunity and establish a winning high school sports technology and media platform. 

The combination of our very complementary skills in ticketing and streaming enables a one-stop shop with unprecedented access and optimized consumer experiences for in-person, live-stream, and on-demand events, says the company.

CEO Of Gofan, Playon

According to B.J. Pilling, CEO of GoFan, Go Fan Tickets have a same objective: to elevate the event experience for high school administrators, coaches, and fans, and today’s milestone will help us establish the industry standard for school and fan participation.

We are certain that the merger of our teams will provide an exponential increase in value for the high school and state associations with which we work jointly.

A Partner At KKR

 We want to promote and market school events all across the country in a tireless manner in order to generate additional money through the sale of tickets and streaming services. According to Ted Oberwager a partner at KKR.

We are thrill to continue our investment in Go Fan Tickets to support the strategic merger with GoFan. This transaction brings together two teams that are focus on their missions and have a common vision for the future.

The Most Successful Companies

Go Fan Tickets and StubHub, two of the most successful companies in the high school streaming and ticketing markets, recently merge. A new era of creativity will be ushere in for state associations, schools, and fans as a result of this combination Mark Buffington, Managing Partner at Panoramic Ventures, was quote as saying this.

As someone who has work closely with both David and B.J. for a long period. It brings me great joy to see this partnership materialize.

The Subsequent Phase Of Our Journey

We have created a significant amount of value for our partners. Which include the NFHS and its member state associations as well as schools, and the subsequent phase of our journey will produce an even greater number of advantages for our stakeholders which will include fans of high school sports and activity content.

Take Place During The Second Quarter

The deal the completion of which is anticipate to take place during the second quarter of 2022. Is subject to clearance from relevant regulatory authorities in addition to the fulfillment of any other standard closing conditions. The terms and conditions of the deal in regards to finances were not made public.

Concerning The Sports

Go Fan Tickets  Sports was established in 2008 with the intention of recognizing and appreciating the accomplishments of high school students. Parents, coaches, and educators in each and every community across the United States.

It is the most successful high school sports media organization in the United States, and it broadcasts more live sporting events than any other firm in the entire world.

Eighth Year Of Jointly Operating


GoFan  is currently in its eighth year of jointly operating the NFHS Network. With the National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS) and the state associations that make up the NFHS. Go Fan Tickets is in charge of the day-to-day operations of the NFHS Network.

which broadcasts live and on-demand coverage of high school events on the website. NFHS network and on mobile applications that are associate to the network. Sports on LinkedIn to obtain further information regarding Sports.

Regarding Go Fan Association

GoFan is the most reliable solution for more than half a million events across the country. And the largest professional digital ticketing and event management system made just for high schools.

GoFan provides a digital ticketing solution for high school events such as basketball and football games, as well as school plays, dances, and debates.

The NFHS’s Member State

GoFan works closely with the National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS) and has official partnerships with 40 of the NFHS’s member state associations. It is also a partner of the NFHS, and assists thousands of high schools across the United States. increasing their revenue and streamlining the execution of their events.

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