Popular Coffee Brimming Techniques to Know

Popular Coffee Brimming Techniques to Know


Are you a coffee lover? If yes, you must know the nitty-gritty of brewing your Popular coffee to perfection. You may know a few brewing methods already. But it’s time to learn something more. Brewing methods can be classified into many types and if you wish to ace the art of brewing perfect cup of coffee, you must know all of them. 

Some popular ones are the steeping technique, dripping method, and pressure coffee brewing mode if you know how to brew your coffee in these three ways. Well, and good! But if you do not. Stay connected to learn more! You can upgrade your brewing technique by filter method as well. Chemex bonded filter is well-known equipment.

I’ll be your guide on this brewing journey. So, get ready to know some of the best methods to make your coffee taste like heaven’s manna!

Top 2 Steeping Techniques for Your Coffee

Steeping is one of the many popular ways to brew your coffee. This method helps you get a lot of coffee flavor and caffeine extract. The brewing technique gets your coffee beans in direct contact with boiling water. As a result,  you receive just the needed taste for your day.

  1. French Press

French press is an excellent method to get a dark coffee flavor. Over here, you need French press equipment. If your equipment is glass made, pre-heat it before pouring in your coffee beans and hot water. After you are done grinding your coffee grounds, pour in hot water. The temperature of your water should be approximately 195° F. Now, you’ll need to thoroughly boil the water and then rest it for 5-6 seconds.

So, after getting the right temperature, pour in the water. Steep the coffee for at least 3 minutes. Do not rest the coffee in water for too long. This will ruin the taste. In case you do not like the intense flavor, try a filter.

  1. Siphon Brewing

Another popular steeping method is the Siphon brew. These brewers might be intimidating to use at first. But with practice, you can get an excellent cup of coffee every morning! So, if you want to impress your guests with some science, this is the right way to proceed!

Siphon brewers usually get two chambers, the top, and the bottom. Firstly, preheat the water before pouring it into the bottom chamber. Now, use your Siphon-specific burner to heat the water. Then fix the top section on the bottom chamber. You’ll observe the water reaching up the top part.

This is the extraordinary pressure work that this method does. Now pour in your ground coffee. Give the mixture a good stir. Rest it for a minute, and you are almost done! You’ll observe the top chamber filter coffee. It’s magic!

2 Must Know Dripping Techniques

Getting late for your work but can’t do without coffee? The dripping method is the perfect solution for this.

  1. Auto Drip Coffee Maker

This is one of the easy and flavorful techniques to brew your coffee. Firstly, grind your coffee beans too fine particles. Now, place the coffee filter at the top of the filter basket. After you complete these steps, you need to pour a tablespoon of coffee into the filter. Then pour 6 ounces of cold water into it. Worried about the rest? Don’t worry. The coffee machine does it all! All you need to do is press the “start-switch” to begin the brew cycle!

  1. Chemex

The Chemex is yet another popular dripping technique. Get acquainted with this method if you want to produce a good amount of coffee for your arriving guests. You’ll not be frustrated while doing this because it’s also easy.

Firstly, pour your coffee power into the Chemex filter. After this, get some hot water to run on it. For the third step, mix the ingredients by shading the Chemex brewer well. Congratulations! You are done preparing a masterpiece!

Top Two Pressure Brewing Techniques

Already know the previous methods of coffee brewing? Well. Here’s another category to give a shot at! Try pressure brewing methods to get a rich flavor of your favorite coffee!

  1. AeroPress

Want a delicious espresso taste? Experiment with AeroPress! This is one of the easiest pressure-based brewing methods. There are no complications. You must follow three easy steps to get a perfect cup of coffee.

Firstly, add ground coffee beats to the AeroPress chamber. Then pour in an ounce of hot water. Let the coffee seep into the water for approximately 30 seconds. After this, pour down the remaining water. Stir the ingredients five times. Now attach the AeroPress plunger and push it down. If you wish to filter the coffee further, try the Stagg pour-over dripper!

Remember, you need to supply a pressure of 30 pounds for this. Keep up with your effort till you hear a hissing sound. Now, pull up the plunger. You are done and dusted!

  1. Moka Pots

This is the perfect way to get a rich and flavorful espresso coffee done in minutes! This pressure technique has two chambers at work! Sounds familiar? Yes, it’s pretty much like the Siphon brewing method! Briefly add 100 ml of hot water to the lower Moka pot. Now fix the Moka filter to this chamber and add in coffee powder. Screw the lower jar with the upper pot. Use the Moka-specific heater to heat the lower pot. So, heat till you hear a bubbling sound. Do not wait anymore. You may filter this with Chemex bonded filter. Then Pour down the unique mixture directly into your coffee mug.

A Brief-Up

Well, now you know about the trending brewing methods. So, you’ll have no trouble making a perfect cup of your favorite coffee! Two other rare methods of coffee brewing are Nitrous coffee and Vietnamese Phin. But do not worry! The methods mentioned will give you a taste just like these rare ones! So, why wait? Get your brimming upgraded with a Stagg pour-over dripper and begin with your coffee brewing journey easily and comfortable at home.

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