Places to Visit in Mumbai

Places to Visit in Mumbai

Mumbai, the capital of Maharashtra and the so-called “City of Dreams,” is found on the western shore of the Indian peninsula. Mumbai is a multicultural city with a wide range of options for spending quality time with your loved ones. Mumbai is named after the goddess Mumba Devi. Mumbai has something for everyone, from beaches to amusement parks, historical landmarks to religious locations, retail malls to a vast variety of restaurants. For an amazing comfortable stay, you should choose to stay at The St. Regis Mumbai. They have some amazing luxury rooms for all of the tourist.Mumbai tourism is perfect for all types of vacations, including extended vacations, weekend getaways, and day trips to the vibrant metropolis. Here are some of the best tourist places in Mumbai and they are as follows:-

  • Nariman Point

Mumbai’s Manhattan is known as Nariman Point. It is situated close to Marine Drive’s southern terminus and contributes to Mumbai’s magnificent skyline. The corporate offices of numerous well-known multinational corporations can be found in this area, which is Mumbai’s commercial centre. There are also opulent hotels, expensive restaurants, and upscale bars in Nariman Point. The region is also well-known for its retail centres and branded showrooms. On land that was reclaimed from the ocean, Nariman Point was constructed. Also, a panoramic view of Marine Drive and the unending ocean is available from this location. Several Bollywood films, including Munnabhai MBBS and Wake Up Sid, feature sequences from that promenade that overlooks the water.

  • Church Gate

Mumbai’s business district is called Churchgate. It houses offices for numerous banks and corporations. Also, it is home to numerous reputable educational institutions including the High Court of Bombay. Because of its former location as the Church Gate of Mumbai’s historic walled city, the area is known as Churchgate. It was taken down in 1860. The ancient Churchgate station and several other well-known Mumbai tourist attractions are located in the neighbourhood. The Churchgate neighbourhood is close to some popular tourist destinations, including Marine Drive, the Gateway of India, and Elephanta Caves. Also included in the Churchgate neighbourhood is Nariman Point. Also, you can enjoy shopping here. There are several options available, ranging from budget-friendly streetside booths to opulent showrooms, from retail shops to wholesale counters.

  • Flora Fountain

One of the major attractions in Churchgate is the Flora Fountain. It is located exactly where Mumbai’s demolished ChurchGate once stood. Neo-Gothic and Indo-Saracenic designs were combined to create the fountain, which was created by R. Norman Shaw. James Forsythe, an engineer, built it in 1864. Fine carvings and sculptures can be found on this Portland stone building. Different statues are used to embellish each of its four corners. Moreover, there are stone fish and lion heads in the water basin below. The fountain’s top is decorated with a stunning 7-foot-tall statue of the Roman goddess Flora. And in the evening, when it is lit up, you may take in a breathtaking view of the Flora Fountain.

  • Jehangir Art Gallery,Mumbai

A significant part of the development of contemporary Indian art can be attributed to Jehangir Art Gallery. Due to gifts from Sir CowasjiJehangir, it was founded in 1952. And ever since then, many exhibitions of works by painters, sculptors, and other artists have been held in this gallery. But it serves as much more than just a place for art exhibits. Workshops and other art-related events are held at the Jehangir Art Gallery. Also, it’s a location where lovers of art and aspiring artists alike must visit. The shop here also sells a variety of vintage objects and artefacts. Mumbai’s art neighbourhood, Kala Ghoda, is home to Jehangir Art Gallery. And this area contains several additional art galleries and designer boutiques with some of the greatest arts in the city.

  • Marine Drive, Mumbai

Marine Drive is another location worth seeing in Mumbai. This 3 km section of six-laned road, officially known as NetajiSubhash Chandra Bose Road, stretches alongside the sea. It is situated in Mumbai’s southern region and extends to the city’s northern region. Natural bay formed by Marine Drive hypnotises everyone who visits with its tranquil visual splendour. When in Mumbai, you must go to Marine Drive, a C-shaped road. The pathway is even more appealing because it is lined by palm trees. The lengthy stretch of street lights that are illuminated at night, giving it the appearance of a necklace, enhance its splendour.When viewed from a high vantage point, the vista is exceptionally breathtaking. Because of this, it is frequently referred to as the Queen’s Necklace. Babulnath is connected to Nariman Point through Marine Drive, another well-liked tourist destination in Mumbai.

  • Rajabai Clock Tower

Rajabai Clock Tower is an 85-metre-tall tower on the University of Mumbai’s Fort Campus. Its construction was funded by industrialist and stockbroker PremchandRoychand. Its architect was Sir George Gilbert Scott. The tower, one of the tallest buildings around, is similar to Big Ben in London. Every fifteen minutes, it chimes. Its construction started in 1869 and was finished in 1878. Visitors are not permitted inside the tower, but you can still enjoy its intricate brickwork and design from the outside. One of the city’s outstanding stained-glass pieces can be found in the tower. Venetian and Gothic elements are combined in the building. The tower also features 24 miniature statues that depict everyday life under British control.


Mumbai is a blend of art, culture and entertainment, and it should be in the bucket list of every traveller. You will find them here, whether you are seeking locations to visit in Mumbai with family and friends or desire peaceful areas to spend time by yourself.

For anamazing comfortable stay,you should choose to stay at The St.Regis, Mumbaias it is one of the best there for all the tourists.Both older people and younger people will find the city to be a memorable holiday destination. Mumbai offers a wide range of attractions, from historical caves to stunning architectural landmarks, from religious locations to lovely beaches.

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