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MyOLSD is a portal of a school where everyone including students and teachers can access to perform any required actions. It is a portal of a school that is working in different countries. MyOLSD is the portal of Olentangy Local School District. It operates in many countries and educates students there. If you are unaware of MyOLSD, then you must read this article. In this report, we will completely explain what is MyOLSD, why we should use this, how it benefits us, who can use this, and how we can deal with its problems. 

What is OLSD? 

First things first, if we want to know what is MyOLSD we must look at OLSD. OLSD is a school that stands for Olentangy Local School District. It is a large school system that controls its system in different countries. It works in Delaware Country and educates the student in numbers. Additionally, it also works in Franklin Country in lesser amounts. They are doing their work elegantly. 

OLSD has students from a lot of cities. So, OLSD serves the students of Genoa, Berkshire, Berlin, Liberty, Orange, and Concord township of Delaware and Franklin. This school, OLSD, is growing much faster than other schools. 

What is MyOLSD? 

As we have discussed OLSD is a school where thousands of students are raised daily. And we also have discussed its vastness over countries. So this much bigger system cannot be resolved without the digital platform. So, here comes MyOLSd. MyOLSD is a platform of OLSD where teachers and students can log in and perform useful activities. 

My OLSD is extremely useful, teachers can communicate with students and students can ask queries. Students can observe their grades at any time and teachers can upload their students’ grades and marks at any time. So, it is an extremely useful system when it comes to this level where it is almost impossible to handle the system. 

How to Sign-up for MyOLSD? 

If you are a new student at OLSD, then you must create your account at MyOLSD. To create your account, you must visit your school administration office to get your credentials to sign up for your account. Once you get your credentials then follow the following steps: 

  • Open your favorite browser and search for the MyOLSD official website 
  • Click on the sign-up option to create your MyOLSD account. 
  • Enter the credential and press the sign-up button to create your account at MyOLSD 
  • Now, you are ready to login into the MyOLSD portal and utilize its features. 
How to Sign-up for MyOLSD? 

How to login into the MyOLSD? 

Once you have signed up, now you can log in to MyOLSD and use your study account. To login into the MyOLSD, you must create your account first. After creating your account, open your computer, mobile, or tablet to continue. The following are the steps to login into the MyOLSD: 

  • Open your favorite browser (Google Chrome, Vivaldi, Mozilla Firefox, etc.) 
  • Search for MyOLSD official website (or utilize this URL: 
  • A webpage will appear with two options. If you choose the 1st option of “myOLSD” then you must follow the following steps: 
  • An option of username and password will appear 
  • Enter your username issued by OLSD 
  • Enter your password issued by OLSD 
  • Click the Sign in button to login into MyOLSD 
  • If you choose the 2nd option of “Sign in Using Quick Card”, then you must follow the following steps 
  • For this, you must have a quick card issued by OLSD. If you do not have a card, then you cannot log in through the quick card option. 
  • If you have a card, then your browser will open the camera and scan your card. (Follow the instructions on the screen to keep the card in the scanning area) 
  • Once your card is scanned perfectly you will log in to the MyOLSD. 

How to contact OLSD in case of problems? 

If you have any problem instead of MyOLSD you can ask it on MyOLSD. You simply login into our MyOLSD account using the method above and ask the query. You will get an answer when anyone replies from the other side. But what if you forgot your password or face any other problem regarding MyOLSD? Then you can contact the school help desk with the following contacts: 

  • Contact Number: 740 657 4050 
  • Fax: 740 657 4099 
  • Address: Olentangy Schools, 7840 Graphics Way Lewis Center, OH 43045 

How to reset your forgotten password of MyOLSD? 

First, make sure you must not forget your password. But if you forgot your password, then there is nothing you can do by sitting at home. You must visit the school administration office to sort out this problem. Normally, if you forget your password, then you apply. In return, they take the necessary steps to help you. You can also contact your school, or the contact number given above to recover your account. 

Can I check my Attendance on the MyOLSD? 

Yes, you can check your attendance, grades, marks, courses, and all the material you need on the MyOLSD. This was the most basic need of the MyOLSD to provide to students and teachers, so they can upload study material at one platform, and everyone can retrieve it at any time. 

Is teachers’ and students’ MyOLSD different? 

No, they have the same MyOLSD. The portal identifies them from their username to give them access to which account. Teachers have access to different approaches while students have different approaches to access. Teachers can change and update records like marks or grades and update the course-related information. 


In this article, we discussed thoroughly OLSD and MyOLSD. OLSD is a school that manages and connects its teachers and students using a portal named MyOLSD. Students can use this portal to see their overall output, and attendance, or get course-related material. Whereas, teachers upload exams, marks, grades of students, and course-related material. So, students can get it at any time. But make sure you must not forget your password. There is no option to recover your password instead of visiting the school. You can log into Portal using a username and password, or a Quick card by scanning it. 

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