Kundan Jhumkas: Everything There Is To Know

If you were raised on tales of rajas and rajkumaris and are now mesmerized by Bollywood natural beauties wearing those magnificent kundan jhumkas and Polki sets in films, then this purchase guide for kundan jhumkas must address all your concerns about how to choose the best pieces.

Let’s get right to the point!

  • So, what is Kundan jewellery exactly, and why should you buy it?

Kundan jewellery, which was popularized by the Mughals, is painstakingly made by hand in Rajasthan. Kundan jewellery is more affordable than Polki jewellery, which is made by setting uncut diamonds and precious and semi-precious stones in gold. It still has the royal elegance of traditional designs inspired by the Mughals. Each piece of Kundan jewellery has Meenakari enamel on the back. This gives each piece a beautiful and unique final touch. When you exchange or return Kundan jewellery, the weight of the Kundan that was invoiced as gold will be taken away. This means that you may not get a good return on your investment. In any case, this is true for all Jadau and Polki jewellery. According to the saying, gold is the best way to make sure that your money is safe. Kundan, Polki, and other traditional Indian embellishments, along with a few precious stones, are the best way to make a bride look beautiful. Let’s raise a glass to the artists, designers, and goldsmiths who made this beautiful jewellery. This is something you will definitely teach your children.

How can one tell if a piece of jewellery is made with the Kundan method, and how was it made?

Kundan jewellery is known for the way it stacks stones, uses expensive metals, and is put together in a complicated way. When 24-karat gold is used to make jewellery, the stones are often flat or uncut, and lac and fine gold foils are used to hold them in place. The bottoms of the pieces are made of enamel. Kundan has intricate meenakari work in addition to the uncut rubies, sapphires, and emeralds.

How much will it set one back?

Polki jewellery can cost anywhere from Rs. 4 lakhs to Rs. 15 lakhs, but a Kundan can cost much less.

Where can one find Kundan jewellery that is for sale?

big jhumkas online is often made of 24-karat gold and comes with certificates from the jeweller that show how high-quality it is. Is there a way to tell a real Macoy from a fake one? Since not every bride is an expert on jewellery, here are some things you should do to avoid being ripped off:

Recognize your face structure:

Wearing a jhumka appropriately, taking into account one’s face profile, may improve one’s appearance. Choose something that is longer and slimmer with less ballooning roundness if you have a round face. Girls with longer, narrower faces should choose oval or heart-shaped frames decorated with plenty of patterns and embellishments. Bell jhumkas, which are asymmetrical, is a great choice for those with round features. 


In addition to the saree, lehenga, and salwar kameez, jhumkas are a great accessory to have. A jhumka with a lot of studs would complement your saree. It is OK to wear a kurta top with a half-split loop.

Choose Appropriately for the Event:

Not every event calls for a jhumka. You may wear your sturdy jhumkas to the wedding and all the after-hours festivities. Wearing complex jhumkas at a workplace party is not a good idea. Choose your jhumkas wisely so that they get the most attention for the right reasons.

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